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Make question papers based on blueprints.

A step to streamline your students subject knowledge with customized blueprint management.

Be Unique in Setting up Blueprints

Set unique blueprints for all subjects and chapters with QB365. The department, subject and chapter details are readily available in the software and you can modify the blueprint.

  • A great method to construct better examination questions.
  • Acts as a guide to improve your students scores.
  • You can create questions based on instructional strategies as per the guidelines expected in the curriculum.
Blueprint Analysis

Benefits of Blueprint based question papers


The created blueprints can be edit and modify as per your specifications.

Acts as a Guide

Blueprints acts as guide for the students to prepare for exams.

Up to date

Our software is always updated with the up to date information

Enhance scores

Set up a smart blueprint and enhance the scores for average students.

Cost Efficient

Our software provides value question papers along with the solution at cost effective prices.

Instant Results

Generate instant blueprint questions along with answer sheets with our software.

Attributes of Test Blueprint

Manage Blueprint

Manage the blueprint and make the right choice of question to improve the performance of your students. This gives the knowledge about all types of questions in all chapters.

Enhancing Speed

The Blueprints has been proven that they can improve the quality of the questions. This enhances the creating questions in faster manner.

Creating Own Blueprint

You can easily create your own blueprint for each and every chapters by just mentioning the counts of the questions and marking scheme.

Smart Strategy

A Blueprint based tests is also known as smart examination strategy of an institution at a glance . It is in the form of matrices, that is nothing a tabular form.

Uses of Blueprint Based Tests

A blueprint is a useful tool in constructing a test. A blueprint test is an effective test construction tool that ensures a more objective means of judging the students' learning experience or performance.

Performance Improvement

You can improve your student's performance especially for average students by giving them blueprint based question papers . This will make them to concentrate more on the defined questions and help them to score high marks.


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