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Fees Management

"Now everything under single roof". Manage all your fee details in a single software.

Fees Collections Made Easy

Fees Collection and Management are complex operations for the schools. Make your job super easy with our advanced software. You can make customized fees collection structure, categorize payments and get collection reports.





Powerful Fee Plans

  • Automate the process of collecting school fees with our school management software and manage all your academic fees details such as Transport fees, Hostel fees, Tuition fees, Library fees etc.
  • Fees receipts can be generated transportation for all the students who are using school transport. You can generate automated fee receipts along with details based on the routes and vehicles.
  • For hostel, fees collection can be done after student's room allocation. This fee can be collected along with academic fees for the allocated students.

Best in Benefits


Quick Invoice

You can create quick invoices for every students in your school by just a click and save your time.


Error Free

With the help of our software, you can calculate the fees automatically without any errors.


Get Paid Faster

You can choose your choice of payment gateway and get payments faster in less than 30 Seconds.


Safe and Secured

With Secured encryption technology , our software saves all the payment details in safe manner.


Eco Friendly

By using the online software, you can save the school from the hassle of dealing with Papers.


Easy to Use

Our software is easy to use, that everyone can understand the modules without any guidance.

Best School Fee Management Software

You can define the type of school fees to be collected for the academic year and can define fee groups according to your school rules.
Based on the area of student's interest you can assign different fees for Extracurricular activities .
Fees Collections details for current year as well as next financial year can be defined.

Payment Gateway Integration

Now all the fee payments can be made in seconds with the integrated payment gateway. Students and parents can check their fee details, pay fees online, and print the fee receipts.


Fines and Dues

Our Software automatically calculates the pending fee and penalty if any applicable to the selected student based on fee structure assigned. This will reduce the manual effort and error.


Our Other Features


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