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10th Public Exam March 2019 Creative Questions and Answers

10th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 80
    40 x 2 = 80
  1. Consider the following statement:
    (a) Somatic variation pertains to body cells and it is inherited.
    (b) The genotype of a character is influenced by factors called chromosomes. Do you agree with the above statements? If not, give correct statements.

  2. a)Lamarck worked out the first scientific experimental study on heredity.
    b)About 7500-1000 years ago the modern Homo sapiens arose

  3. clones are those who possess identical chromosomes. Fill up with the suitable word given in the brackets. 
    a) Identical twins are ----------.
    (natural clones I induced clones)
    b) Identical twins are ---------.
    (dissimilar to each .otner I similar to each other)

  4. What is somatic variation?

  5. To spot the error / mistake in the given statements
    In Kwashiorkar, the child loses weight and suffers severe diarrhoea and it will appear as though bones are covered by the skin.

  6. Tuberculosis and Typhoid are bacterial diseases.A short rod-shaped bacterium with numerous flagella-salmonella typhi causes Tuberculosis, Is this statement is correct if not, correct it.

  7. Prevention from diseases can be done in what ways?

  8. What are the functions of cerebrum.

  9. To Raise Question :
    Vijay lacks group movements of voluntary muscles as in walking or running after met an accident. Which area is affected to him?

  10. Reason and Assertion
    Assertion(A)  pituitary is called as the conductor of endocrine orchestra
    'Reason (R) Some of the endocrine glands are regulated by the pituitary gland.
    a) (A)is correct and (R)is not giving correct reasoning
    b) (A)is correct, but (R)is wrong
    c) (A)is wrong, but(R) is correct.
    d) Both(A)and (R) are correct

  11. Short Answers
    What are the functions of cerebrum?

  12. Copy a diagram and mark the parts
    Draw the diagram given below and name the parts 'A: and 'B'.

  13. Choose the correct answer
    A major conducting centre for sensory and motor signalling is _____________.
    (hypothalamus, thalamus)

  14. a) What is meant by reproduction?
    b) Mention a few methods of reproduction in plants and animals.

  15. What is pollination?

  16. What are the bio fuels for transportation?

  17. To find the odd one out 
    Pick out the odd one out.
    1. Globulin, glomerulus, fibrinogen, albumin
    2. Mountaingoat,big homed sheep, grizzly bear, seal

  18. Short Answers
    What are the valves of human heart? Mention its function.

  19. What is respiration?

  20. Name the plants which are used in the production of bio-plastic

  21. Name the plants which are used in the production of bio-plastic.

  22. What are bio - degradable wastes?

  23. What are the environmental effects of oil spills?

  24. Waste water is often used in agriculture. Give reasons
    1.When effluent is used for irrigation, good water can be reserved exclusively for drinking water.
    2.This minimize the need for chemical fertilizers
    3.This reduces cost, energy, expenditure and industrial pollution.

  25. How sewage is formed?

  26. Write any four liquid biofuels used for transportation.

  27. Reason and Assertion:
    Common salt dissolves in water. Give reasons

  28. Reason and Assertion:
    When sunlight passes through the window of the classroom, a path of light is seen. Name this phenomenon and give reason.

  29. Take 10g  of common salt and dissolve it in 40g of water. Find the concentration of solution in terms of weight percent.

  30. Define Brownian movement.

  31. What is an unsaturated solution?

  32. What is suspension?

  33. Calculate the gram molecular mass of water from the values of gram atomic mass of hydrogen and of oxygen.
    Gram atomic mass of hydrogen = 19
    Gram atomic mass of oxygen = 16g

  34. Based on the relationship fill in the blanks
    1. Homo atomic molecule -  Nitrogen
    Hetero atomic molecule - ___________

  35. Define vapour density?

  36. Write a short note on Isotopes

  37. Differentiate atoms and molecules ?

  38. Write any three applications of Avogadro's law?

  39. Problem Solving
    The hydrogen ion concentration of a solution is 0.001M. What is the pH of the

  40. Second period is a short period. It contains only two elements.


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