10th Public Exam March 2019 Important 2 Marks Questions

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    100 x 2 = 200
  1. Define Imperialism?

  2. What is colonialism?

  3. What were the causes for the Second Opium war?

  4. What is political imperialism?

  5. Why did America enter into First World War?

  6. What are the organs of the League of Nations?

  7. What were the causes for the Great Economic Depression?

  8. Write a note on National Industrial Recovery Act.

  9. What does the term "Fascism" mean?

  10. What were the four pillars of Fascism?

  11. What did Hitler declare?

  12. How do you say that Spirit of Nationalism is one of the causes for Second world war?

  13. Write a note on Scorched Earth policy.

  14. Why did America declare War on Japan?

  15. What are the main objectives of the UNO?

  16. Mention some of the specialized agencies of the UNO.

  17. Mention the initial member countries of the EU.

  18. Name the important leaders and centres of the mutiny.

  19. Mention the importance of queen Victoria's Proclamation?

  20. What was the immediate cause for the revolt of 1857?

  21. Why was the not the revolt widespread?

  22. what are the services rendered by the Arya Samaj?

  23. What are the teaching of Vallalar?

  24. point out the impacts of social and Religious Reform Movement in the 19 th Century.

  25. What were the aims of Indians National Congress ?

  26. Name some of the important moderate leaders.

  27. Mention the importance of Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress in 1916.

  28. Why was the Khilafat movement started?

  29. What is the importance of the Lahore session of the muslim League 

  30. Write a short note on the Cabinet mission.

  31. Write a brief note on Vellore Mutiny.

  32. What do you know about Thiruppur kumaran?

  33. Name the papers edited by Subramaniya bharathiar in 1907.

  34. What was Satyamurti's service as a Mayor?

  35. Write a note on the welfare measures taken by Kamaraj?

  36. why was Kamaraj called as "King Maker"?

  37. Write a breif note on the rule of the Justice Party.

  38. What are the aims of Self Respect Movement?

  39. Mention the services rendered by Annadurai as the Chief Minister of TamilNadu.

  40. Narrate Dr. Muthulakshmi's role in the agitation against Devadasi system.

  41. Why do we call Periyar as "Vaikam Hero"?

  42. Mention the importance aspects of India's policy for promoting peace.

  43. Why is world peace an essential one?

  44. Write a note on the policy of Apartheid.

  45. India has rendered whole hearted suppoet to the UNO - Justify.

  46. Name a few military alliances of the world

  47. Give Abraham Lincoln's definition of Democracy.

  48. What are National Parties?

  49. Give a brief note on the functions of the Election Commission.

  50. Name some of the religions of India.

  51. Define National Income.

  52. What is Percapita Income?

  53. What is Laissez-faire?

  54. Define Gross Domestic Product?

  55. What is net Domestic Product ? 

  56. What is meant by depreciation?

  57. Write a note on green revolution ?

  58. What is Mixed Economy?

  59. What do you mean by Globalization?

  60. What do you know about Bhoodhan movement?

  61. What are the main physical divisions of India?

  62. Write any two points on the Importance of the Himalayas.

  63. Name a few well-known holy places in the Northern Mountains of India.

  64. Name the rivers that do not form a delta on the west coast of india.

  65. Name the Islands belonging to India.

  66. Mention the important hill stations of South India.

  67. Name the factors determining the climate of India.

  68. What do you mean by Monsoon?

  69. Name the regions of very heavy rainfall in India.

  70. What do you understand by the term natural resource?

  71. What are the properties of fertile soil?

  72. Name any four main characteristics of the tropical evergreen forest?

  73. Name the mica producing areas of India?

  74. Alluvial Soil-Black Soil.

  75. What are the types of agriculture?

  76. Name the cotton growing areas of India?

  77. What are Plantation Crops?

  78. Name the factors that determine location of an industry.

  79. What are the agrobased industries? Give examples.

  80. Name any five software centers.

  81. What are the by products of Jute Industry?

  82. What is meant by pollution due to e-waste?

  83. What are the effects of global warming?

  84. How does noise pollution affect mankind?

  85. Trade, Transport and communication stand complementary to each other. How?

  86. Write a note on suburban railway.

  87. State the merits of pipeline transport.

  88. Mention the important pipeline networks in our country 

  89. What is balance of trade?

  90. What are National Highways?

  91. What are the advantages of waterways?

  92. Mention the four major ship building yards of india.

  93. What are the disadvantages of ground survey?

  94. Mention the basic components of remote sensing?

  95. Define GIS.

  96. Mention any two applications of GIS.

  97. Write any two applications of GPS?

  98. What are sensors?

  99. What is global positioning system?

  100. What are the important aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction?


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