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Term 1 Five Mark Model Questions

11th Standard

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    10 x 5 = 50
  1. Explain in detail the various types of errors.

  2. Convert 76 cm of mercury pressure into Nm-2 using the method of dimensions.

  3. Discuss the properties of scalar and vector products.

  4. A three storey building of height 100m is located on Earth and a similar building is also located on Moon. If two people jump from the top of these buildings on Earth and Moon simultaneously, when will they reach the ground and at what speed? (g = 10m s-2)

  5. What are concurrent forces? State Lami's theorem.

  6. Briefly explain 'rolling friction.

  7. State and explain work energy principle. Mention any three examples for it.

  8. State and prove parallel axis theorem

  9. Three mutually perpendicular beams AB, OC, GR are fixed to form a structure which is fixed to the ground firmly as shown in the Figure. One string is tied to the point C and its free end D is pulled with a force F. Find the magnitude and direction of the torque produced by the force,
    (i) about the points D, C, 0 and B
    (ii) about the axis CD, OC, AB and GR.

  10. Consider a thin uniform circular ring rolling down in an inclined plane without slipping. Compute the linear acceleration along the inclined plane if the angle of inclination is \(45 ^{0}\).


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