Full Portion - Important Two Mark Question Paper

12th Standard

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I.Answer all the questions.

II.Use blue pen only.

Time : 01:20:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 40
    20 x 2 = 40
  1. What is a capacitor? Define its capacitance.

  2. What is meant by dielectric polarisation?

  3. Define One Coulomb (or) Define One Coulomb on the basis of Coulomb's law.

  4. Define drift velocity.

  5. What is resistance of a conductor? (or) Define resistance.

  6. Define peltier coefficient

  7. Explain how you will convert a galvanometer into a voltmeter.

  8. Define rms value of a.c.

  9. Define alternating current and give its expression.

  10. What is Tyndall scattering?

  11. Write the conditions for total internal reflection to take place.

  12. what is meant by normal population ?

  13. Define stopping potential.

  14. Tritium has a half years life of 12.5years.What a fraction of the sample of will be left over after 25 years?

  15. Give a short note on leptons.

  16. What is meant by annihilation of matter?

  17. What is rectification?

  18. Explain the working of a half wave diode rectifier.

  19. What is meant by skip distance?

  20. Name three basic units of any communication System


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