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Practice makes a man perfect.

Give practice to your student by conducting various online tests with unlimited question papers.

Conduct online mock tests to Crack the exams

Cracking the exams and scoring high marks is easy with continuous practice. The more practice you give helps your students to score more. Get different types of questions and evaluate your students knowledge.

  • Get unlimited questions for practice.
  • Practice with different types of questions
  • Give practice with previous year questions

Practice with all kinds of MCQs

Our software is pre loaded with unlimited questions. You can generate different sets of question and different types of question to give practice to your students and can improve their performance.

Better Result Analysis

You can compare the results of the students with one another and categorize them to give appropriate training. It's easy for you to categorize them, since the report of overall result can be automatically generated.

Best in features

Benefits of Online Mock tests


The answer sheets are secured and encrypted within the software .


We designed in the way that you can access through mobile, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Cost effective

Conduct unlimited online mock tests with high value questions in low cost.

Share from everywhere

You can share your question papers from any part of the world through email.

Mark Entry

Students marks can be tracked in our online software and can be save it for future use.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 world class customer support to help with any problem you encounter.

Major Attributes

Time Management

Instead of spending more time on creating question papers and conducting tests , generate unlimited quick questions in a minute and conduct online tests.


Our software manages the whole exam process and simplifies every step from preparing question papers to the evaluation process.


With QB365 you can create unlimited question papers for every subject within few minutes. This will save your time and effort.

Immense study material

Answer sheets for all the questions are automatically generated with the detailed step by step solutions.

Our Other Features


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