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Tamilnadu Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 Subjects

Question Banks Readily Available for the following Subjects. TamilNadu State Board Class 12th standard subject for all groups in both tamil and english medium. Class 10th Standard all subjects. [ except tamil and english subjects ]. Buy both medium and prepare same set of question paper with single click. Our Database includes CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 subjects.

11th Standard Biology English Medium

Bio - Botany - Living World

Attributes of Living Organisms-Viruses-Classification of Living world-Bacteria-Fungi


Bio - Botany - Plant Kingdom

Classification of Plants-Life Cycle patterns in Plants-Algae-Bryophytes-Pteridophytes-Gymnosperms-Angiosperms


Bio - Botany - Vegetative Morphology

Habit-Plant Habitat-Life Span-Parts of a Flowering Plant-Root System-Shoot System-Leaf


Bio - Botany - Reproductive Morphology

Inflorescence-Flower-Accessory Parts-Androecium-Gynoecium-Construction of Floral Diagram and Floral Formula-Fruits-Seed


Bio - Botany - Taxonomy and Systematic Botany

Taxonomy and Systematics-Taxonomic Hierarchy-Concept of species – Morphological, Biological and Phylogenetic-International Code of Botanical Nomenclature-Type Concept-Taxonomic Aids-Botanical Gardens-Herbarium – Preparation and Uses-Classification of Plants-Types of Classification-Modern Trends in Taxonomy-Cladistics-Selected Families of Angiosperms


Bio - Botany - Cell: The Unit of Life

Discovery-Microscopy-Cell Theory-Cell Types-Plant Cell and Animal Cell-Cell Organelles-Nucleus-Flagella-Cytological Techniques


Bio - Botany - Cell Cycle

History of Cell Division-Cell Cycle-Cell Division-Difference between Mitosis and Meiosis-Mitogens


Bio - Botany - Biomolecules

Water-Primary and Secondary Metabolite-Carbohydrates – Classification and Structure-Lipids – Classification and Structure-Proteins and Amino Acids – Classification and Structure-Enzymes – Classification, Nomenclature, Structure and Concepts, Mechanism of Enzyme Action, Activation energy, factors affecting enzyme action-Nucleic Acids general Structure and composition – Forms of DNA and Types of RNA


Bio - Botany - Tissue and Tissue System

Meristematic Tissue-Permanent Tissues-The Tissue System-Epidermal Tissue System-Fundamental Tissue System-Vascular Tissue System-Comparison of Primary Structure


Bio - Botany - Secondary Growth

Secondary Growth in Dicot Stem-Secondary Growth in Dicot Root


Bio - Botany - Transport in Plants

Types of Transport-Cell to Cell Transport-Plant Water Relations-Absorption of Water-Ascent of Sap-Transpiration-Translocation of Organic Solutes-Mineral Absorption


Bio - Botany - Mineral Nutrition

Classification of Minerals-Functions, Mode of Absorption and Deficiency Symptoms of Macronutrients-Functions, Mode of Absorption and Deficiency Symptoms of Micronutrients-Deficiency Diseases and Symptoms-Critical Concentration and Toxicity of Minerals-Hydroponics and Aeroponics-Nitrogen Fixation-Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Metabolism-Special Modes of Nutrition


Bio - Botany - Photosynthesis

Historical Events in Photosynthesis-Definition, Significance and Site of Photosynthesis-Photosynthetic Pigments-Spectrum of Electromagnetic Radiation-Photosynthetic Unit (Quantasome)-Absorption Spectrum and Action Spectrum-Emerson’s Experiments and Hill’s Reaction-Modern Concept Of Photosynthesis-Photo-Oxidation Phase of Light Reaction-Photochemical Phase of Light Reaction-Photophosphorylation-Chemiosmotic Theory-Dark Reaction or C3 Cycle or Biosynthetic Phase or Photosynthetic Carbon Reduction (PCR) Cycle-Hatch and Slack Pathway or C4 Cycle-Cam Cycle or Crassulacean Acid Metabolism-Photorespiration or C2 Cycle or Photosynthetic Carbon Oxidation (PCO) Cycle-Factors Affecting Photosynthesis-Photosynthesis in Bacteria


Bio - Botany - Respiration

Gaseous Exchange-Structure of ATP-Redox Reactions-Types of Respiration-Stages of Respiration-Respiratory Quotient-Anaerobic Respiration-Factors Affecting Respiration-Pentose Phosphate Pathway (Phospho Gluconate Pathway)


Bio - Botany - Plant Growth and Development

Characteristics of Growth-Plant Growth Regulators-Photoperiodism-Vernalization-Seed Germination and Dormancy Senescence


Bio - Zoology - The Living World

Diversity in the Living World-Need for Classification-Taxonomy and Systematics-Three Domains of Life-Nomenclature-Concept of Species-Tools for Study of Taxonomy


Bio - Zoology - Kingdom Animalia

Basis of Classification-Classification of Kingdom Animalia-Non Chordates (Invertebrata) upto Phyla Level-Chordata upto Class Level


Bio - Zoology - Tissue Level of Organisation

Animal Tissues-Epithelial Tissue-Connective Tissue-Muscle Tissue-Neural Tissue


Bio - Zoology - Organ and Organ Systems in Animals



Bio - Zoology - Digestion and Absorption

Digestive System-Digestion of Food and Role of Digestive Enzymes-Absorption and Assimilation of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats-Egestion-Caloric Value of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats-Nutritional and Digestive Disorders


Bio - Zoology - Respiration

Respiratory Function-Respiratory Organs in Various Organisms-Mechanism of Breathing-Exchange of Gases-Transport of Gases-Regulation of Respiration-Problems in Oxygen Transport-Disorders of Respiratory System-Effects of Smoking


Bio - Zoology - Body Fluids and Circulation

Body Fluids-Blood Vessels – Arteries, Veins and Capillaries-Circulatory Path Ways-Human Circulatory System-Double Circulation-Regulation of Cardiac Activity-Disorders of the Circulatory System-Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


Bio - Zoology - Excretion

Modes of Excretion-Human Excretory System-Mechanism of Urine Formation in Human-Regulation of Kidney Function-Micturition-Role of Other Organs in Excretion-Disorders Related to the Excretory System Haemodialysis


Bio - Zoology - Locomotion and Movement

Types of Movement-Types of Muscles-Skeletal Muscle-Structure of Contractile Proteins-Mechanism of Muscle Contraction-Types of Skeletal Muscle Contraction-Skeletal System and Its Functions-The Axial Skeleton-The Appendicular Skeleton-Types of Joints-Disorders of Muscular and Skeletal System-Benefits of Regular Exercise


Bio - Zoology - Neural Control and Coordination

Neural System-Human Neural System-Neuron as a Structural and Functional Unit of Neural System-Central Neural System-Reflex Action and Reflex Arc-Sensory Reception and Processing


Bio - Zoology - Chemical Coordination and Integration

Endocrine Glands and Hormones-Human Endocrine System-Hypo and Hyper Activity of Endocrine Glands and Related Disorders-Mechanism of Hormone Action


Bio - Zoology - Trends in Economic Zoology

Scope of Zoology-Vermiculture-Sericulture-Apiculture-Lac Culture-Aquaponics-Aquaculture-Animal Husbandry and Management



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