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Tamilnadu Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 Subjects

Question Banks Readily Available for the following Subjects. TamilNadu State Board Class 12th standard subject for all groups in both tamil and english medium. Class 10th Standard all subjects. [ except tamil and english subjects ]. Buy both medium and prepare same set of question paper with single click. Our Database includes CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 subjects.

11th Standard Economics English Medium

Introduction to Micro - Economics

Introduction-Economics: Meaning-Economics: Its Nature-Scope of Economics-Basic Concepts in Economics-Economics: Its Methods, Facts, Theories, and Laws-Economics: Its Sub Divisions-Economics: Its Types-Basic Economic Problems-Production Possibility Curve-Conclusion


Consumption Analysis

Introduction-Human Wants-Characteristics of Human Wants-Classification of Goods-Cardinal Utility Analysis-The Law of Equi-Marginal Utility-Consumer’s Surplus-Law of Demand-Elasticity of Demand-Ordinal Analysis (or) Ordinal Utility Approach (or) Hicks and Allen Approach (or) Indifference Curve Analysis-An Indifference Curve-An Indifference Map-Diminishing Marginal Rate of Substitution-Properties of the Indifference Curves-Price line or Budget line-Consumer Equilibrium-Conclusion


Production Analysis

Introduction-Features of the Factors of Production-Production Function-Law of Variable Proportions-Laws of Returns to Scale-Economies of Scale-Diseconomies of Scale-ISO-Quants-The ISO-Cost Line-Producer’s Equilibrium-Cobb-Douglas Production Function-Law of Supply-Conclusion


Cost and Revenue Analysis

Introduction-Cost Analysis-Cost Concepts-Short Run Cost Curves-Long Run Cost Curve-Revenue Analysis-Conclusion


Market Structure and Pricing

Introduction-Meaning of Market-Classification of Markets-Equilibrium Conditions for a Firm-Perfect Competition-Imperfect Competition-Monopoly-Monopolistic Competition-Duopoly-Oligopoly


Distribution Analysis

Introduction-Meaning of Distribution-Kinds of Distribution of Income-Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution-Rent-Wages-Theories of Wages-Interest-Theories of Interest-Profit-Theories of Profit-Conclusion


Indian Economy

Meaning of Growth and Development-Indian Economy-Features of Indian Economy-Natural Resources-Infrastructure-Economic Infrastructure-Social Infrastructure-Contributions of Indian Economic Thinkers-Conclusion


Indian Economy Before and After Independence

Introduction-Indian Economy During the British Period-The Land Tenure Systems in India-Process of Industrial Transition and Colonial Capitalism-Problems of British Rule-Important Industrial Policies Prior to 1991-Green Revolution-Large Scale Industries-Small Scale Industries-Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)-Public Sector and Private Sector Banks-Nationalisation of Banks-Performance of India’s Five Year Plans-Development Indicators-Conclusion


Development Experiences in India

Introduction-Meaning of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG)-Arguments in Favour of LPG-Arguments against LPG-Industrial Sector Reforms-Impact of LPG on Agricultural Sector Reforms-Trade Reforms-Fiscal Reforms-Monetary and Financial Sector Reforms-Conclusion


Rural Economics

Introduction-Features of Rural Economy-Meaning of Rural Development-Need for Rural Development-Problems of Rural Economy-Rural Poverty-Rural Unemployment-Rural Industries-Rural Indebtedness-Rural Health, Nutrition and Sanitation-Rural Infrastructure-Requirements for Rural Development-Conclusion


Tamil Nadu Economy

Introduction-Highlights of Tamil Nadu-Economy-Performance of Tamil Nadu-Economy-Natural Resource-Population-Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)-Agriculture-Industry-Energy-Services-Tourism


Mathematical Methods for Economics

Introduction-Functions-Matrices-Differential Calculus-Integral Calculus-Information and Communication Technology (ICT)



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