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Tamilnadu Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 Subjects

Question Banks Readily Available for the following Subjects. TamilNadu State Board Class 12th standard subject for all groups in both tamil and english medium. Class 10th Standard all subjects. [ except tamil and english subjects ]. Buy both medium and prepare same set of question paper with single click. Our Database includes CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 subjects.

11th Standard History English Medium

Early India: From the Beginnings to the Indus Civilisation

Introduction-Pre-historic India-Hunter and Gatherers of the Historical Period-Early Neolithic Cultures and The Beginning of Agriculture-The Indus Civilisation


Early India: The Chalcolithic, Megalithic, Iron Age and Vedic Cultures

Introduction-Pre-aryan, Late Harappan and Chalcolithic Cultures of India-Iron Age in North India-Megalithic/ Iron Age in Tamilnadu-Megalithic Sites in Tamilnadu-The Aryans and Rig Vedic Society-Rig Vedic Culture-Later Vedic Culture


Rise of Territorial Kingdoms and New Religious Sects

Introduction-Developments in the Gangetic Plain-Janapadas to Mahajanapadas-Emergence of Heterodox Thinkers-Ajivikas-Jainism-Buddhism


Emergence of State and Empire

Introduction-Rise of Magadha under the Haryanka Dynasty-Nandas: The First Empire Builders of India-Persian and Macedonian Invasions-Alexander’s Invasion-Mauryan Empire-The Mauryan State and Polity-Economy and Society


Evolution of Society In South India

Introduction-South India During Mauryan Times-South India under The Satavahanas-The Sangam Age-Social Formation in Tamil Eco-zones-Tamil Polity-Society and Economy-Ideology and Religion-Age of Kalabhras-Post Sangam Period


Polity and Society in Post - Mauryan Period

Introduction-Indo-Greek Relations-Sakas, Parthians and Kushanas-The Tamil Kingdoms-Trade between Tamizhagam and Rome


The Guptas

Introduction-Chandragupata I and Empire Building-Samudragupta-Chandragupta II-Gupta’s Administrative System-Economic Condition-Cultural Florescence-Decline of The Gupta Empire


Harsha and Rise of Regional Kingdoms

Introduction-Pushyabhutis-Harsha’s Military Conquests-Establishment of Pala Rule in Bengal-Rise of the Dynasty


Cultural Development in South India

Introduction-Chalukyas-Pallavas-Ellora-Ajanta-Mamallapuram-Tamil Devotionalism-Azhwars and Nayanmars-Sri Ramanujar (1017-1138)-Adi Sankara (788-820)


Advent of Arabs and Turks

Introduction-The Arab Conquest of Sind-The Slave Dynasty-The Khaljis (1290-1320)-The Tughlaq Dynasty-Sayyid Dynasty (1414–1451)-Lodi Dynasty (1451–1526)-Administration of the Sultanate


Later Cholas and Pandyas

Introduction-Empire Building-Chola Administration-Economy-Society and its Structure-Cholas as Patrons of Learning-Pandya Revival (600–920)-State-Economy-Religion



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