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Tamilnadu Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 Subjects

Question Banks Readily Available for the following Subjects. TamilNadu State Board Class 12th standard subject for all groups in both tamil and english medium. Class 10th Standard all subjects. [ except tamil and english subjects ]. Buy both medium and prepare same set of question paper with single click. Our Database includes CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 subjects.

11th Standard Maths English Medium

Sets, Relations and Functions

Introduction-Sets-Cartesian Product-Constants and Variables, Intervals and Neighborhoods-Relations-Functions-Graphing Functions Using Transformations


Basic Algebra

Introduction-Real Number System-Absolute Value-Linear Inequalities-Quadratic Functions-Polynomial Functions-Rational Functions-Exponents and Radicals-Logarithm-Application of Algebra in Real Life



Introduction-A Recall of Basic Results-Radian Measure-Trigonometric Functions and Their Properties-Trigonometric Identities-Trigonometric Equations-Properties of Triangle-Application to Triangle-Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Combinations and Mathematical Induction

Introduction-Fundamental Principles of Counting-Factorials-Permutations-Combinations-Mathematical Induction


Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series

Introduction-Binomial Theorem-Particular Cases of Binomial Theorem-Finite Sequences-Finite Series-Infinite Sequences and Series


Two Dimensional Analytical Geometry

Introduction-Locus of a Point-Straight Lines-Angle between Two Straight Lines-Pair of Straight Lines



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