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Tamilnadu Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 Subjects

Question Banks Readily Available for the following Subjects. TamilNadu State Board Class 12th standard subject for all groups in both tamil and english medium. Class 10th Standard all subjects. [ except tamil and english subjects ]. Buy both medium and prepare same set of question paper with single click. Our Database includes CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 subjects.

9th Standard Social Science English Medium

History - Evolution of Humans and Society - Prehistoric Period

Introduction-Origin of the Earth and the Geological Ages-Human Enquiries into the Past and Origin of the World-Prehistory: From Australopithecus through Homo erectus to Homo sapiens-Prehistoric Tamilagam


History - Ancient Civilisations

Introduction-Early Societies and Early State Formation-Early Civilisations-Egyptian Civilisation-Mesopotamian Civilisations-The Chinese Civilisation-Indus Civilisation


History - Early Tamil Society and Culture

Introduction-Sources for the study of early Tamil society-The Sangam Age-Sangam Age Polity: Political Powers of Tamilagam-Society in Sangam Age-Economy-Emergence of Towns and Ports-Faith and Belief System-Culture of Arts


History - Intellectual Awakening and Socio-Political Changes

Introduction-Religion in the Sixth Century BCE-Confucianism and Taoism-Zoroastrianism-Impact of Iron Technology in India-Religion: Post-Rig Vedic-Jainism and Buddhism-Other Heterodox Sect-Political Organisation: Pre-Mauryan-Rise of Kingdoms-North-West India and Alexander-Mauryan Empire: State and Society


Geography - Lithosphere – I Endogenetic Processes

Spheres of the Earth-Structure of the Earth-Rocks-Geomorphic Processes


Geography - Lithosphere – II Exogenetic Processes

Weathering and Mass Movement-Gradation


Geography - Atmosphere

Composition of the Atmosphere-Structure of the Atmosphere-Elements of Weather and Climate-Winds-Clouds-Rainfall


Civics - Forms of Government and Democracy

Introduction-Forms of Government-What Is Democracy?


Civics  - Election, Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Introduction-Electoral System in India-Political Parties-Pressure Groups-Mobilisation and People’s Participation


Economics - Understanding Development: Perspectives, Measurement and Sustainability

Introduction-Different Perspectives About Development-Indicators of Economic Development-Sustainability of Development-Policies for Sustainable Development-Environmental Policies in India


Economics - Employment in India and Tamil Nadu

Introduction-Employment Structure in India-Types of Employment: Organised and Unorganised Sectors-Employment Pattern



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