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Unified Council

Unified Council Conducts Following Exams NSTSE - National Level Science Talent Search Examination UCO - Unified Cyber Olympiad UIEO - Unified International English Olympiad NSTSE - National Level Science Talent Search Examination NSTSE is a diagnostic test which helps ...

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Science Olympiad Foundation

Science Olympiad Foundation Conducts Following Exams NCO - National Cyber Olympiad NSO - National Science Olympiad IMO - International Mathematics Olympiad IEO - International English Olympiad IGKO - International General Knowledge Olympiad NCO - National Cyber Olympiad Exam ...

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Silverzone Foundation

Silverzone Foundation Conducts Following Exams IIO - International Informatics Olympiad IOM - International Olympiad of Mathematics IOS - International Olympiad of Science IOEL - International Olympiad of English Language ITHO - International Talent Hunt Olympiad ISSO - International ...

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EduHeal Foundation

EduHeal Foundation Conducts Following Exams International English Olympiad ( IEO ) National Interactive Math Olympiad ( NIMO ) National Interactive Science Olympiad ( NISO ) International General Knowledge Olympiad ( IGO ) International Cyber Olympiad ( ...

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Humming Bird Education

Humming Bird Education Conducts Following Exams HBTSE - Humming Bird Talent Search Examination HCO - Humming Bird Cyber Olympiad HEO - Humming Bird English Olympiad HGO - Humming Bird G.K. Olympiad HMCSE - Humming Bird Integrated ...

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International Competitions and Assessments for Schools ( ICAS )

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools ( ICAS ) Conducts Following Exams English Mathematics Science Digital Technologies ICAS - English Exam Date 29-9-2018 Exam Fee Rs. 400 Exam Pattern Number of Questions Total Marks Duration 60 60 1 Hour Exam Format The Assessments consist of a range of multiple-choice ...

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Olympiad -IX Standard

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Covered Syllabus & Chapters in Olympiad -IX Standard Online Practice Tests

Phy - Motion
Phy - Force and Laws of Motion
Phy - Gravitation and Pressure
Phy - Work, Energy and Power
Phy - Sound
Che - Matter in Our Surrondings
Che - Is Matter Around us Pure
Che - Atoms and Molecules
Che - Structure of the Atom
Bio - Cell
Bio - Tissues
Bio - Diversity in Living Organisms
Bio - Health and Diseases
Bio - Improvement in Food Resources
Bio - Natural resources
Number Systems
Co-ordinate Geometry
Linear Equations in Two Variables
Introduction to Euclids Geometry
Lines and Angles
Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
Herons Formula
Surface Areas and Volumes
Change one word into another
Three missing letters make a word
Insert a letter
Create Word
Dot Representation
Puzzle Test
Odd one out
Matching Pairs
Direction Sense
Mathematical Reasoning
Blood Relations
Which one is different?
What comes next?
Mirror and Water images
Analytical Reasoning
Cubes and Dice

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