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AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Science. AIIMS conducts MBBS Entrance Exam for the candidates who want to take admission into MBBS course. The MBBS Entrance Exam is conducted every year by AIIMS, New Delhi. The AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam specializes in educating students about several patterns in Medical Education. AIIMS 2019 examination is a national level examination, which is regulated by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. AIIMS MBBS exam will be considered for providing admission to students in the MBBS programme offered by AIIMS, New Delhi, Bhopal, Jodhpur, Rishikesh, Bhubnaeswar, Patna and Raipur. AIIMS exam will be organized to offer admission in 700 MBBS seats offered by AIIMS institutions. This exam will be conducted through CBT (computer based test) in various cities. Here we are providing details about AIIMS 2019 exam, including application form, eligibility, exam pattern, syllabus, etc

AIIMS - Free Online Practice Tests

AIIMS Free Online Mock Test 1

  • 200 Questions

  • 210 mins

  • 200 marks

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AIIMS General Knowledge - Indian Economy Free Online Practice Test 1

  • 75 Questions

  • 75 mins

  • 75 marks

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AIIMS Phylum - Chordata 1 Free Online Practice Test 1

  • 60 Questions

  • 60 mins

  • 60 marks

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AIIMS Chemistry - Chemistry In Everyday Life Online Practice Test 1

  • 20 Questions

  • 30 mins

  • 20 marks

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AIIMS Chemistry - Electrochemistry Online Practice Test 1

  • 50 Questions

  • 60 mins

  • 50 marks

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AIIMS Fluid Mechanics Online Practice Test 1

  • 45 Questions

  • 60 mins

  • 45 marks

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AIIMS Modern Physics Free Online Practice Test 1

  • 75 Questions

  • 90 mins

  • 75 marks

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AIIMS Physics - Thermodynamics Online Practice Test 1

  • 15 Questions

  • 20 mins

  • 15 marks

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AIIMS 2019 Free Online Practice Test 1

  • 30 Questions

  • 30 mins

  • 30 marks

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AIIMS MBBS exam will be conducted on 25th & 26th May 2019. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) is one of the famous institutes that offer medical courses to the ...

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Important Dates

AIIMS 2019 Important Dates :             Here, we have updated dates of AIIMS entrance exam. The official AIIMS important dates are announced, we have updated the dates in the table below: Events Dates Basic registration starts 30th ...

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Eligibility Criteria

AIIMS 2019 Eligibility Criteria :             AIIMS MBBS Eligibility Criteria mandates candidates to have Physics, Chemistry, English and Biology in class 12th(passed/ appearing). Also, a candidate must be 17 years old on or ...

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Application Form

AIIMS 2019 Application Process : AIIMS 2019 Application Form Final Status is releasing on 28th January 2019. It is released through online mode only. AIIMS MBBS is organized every year on a national level. ...

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Exam Pattern

AIIMS 2019 Exam Pattern:             AIIMS MBBS 2019 will be held on two days across four different slots. As per the AIIMS MBBS exam pattern 2019, the question paper contains 200 ...

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Exam Syllabus

AIIMS MBBS Syllabus 2019             When it comes to covering AIIMS MBBS syllabus, especially the science section (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) which carries a total of 160 marks, a candidate must ...

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Exam Centers

AIIMS MBBS 2019 Exam Centers :             AIIMS MBBS 2019 exam centres are the venue where the examination will be held. Last year, the UG entrance exam was conducted in 155 ...

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Admit Card

AIIMS MBBS 2019 Admit Card :           Note that the AIIMS Admit card download option will be available when the AIIMS has released it. Visit the official website Click on the link to ...

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AIIMS MBBS 2019 Counseling :           All India Institute of Medical Sciences is a prestigious institute offering medical courses. Candidates required appearing for the AIIMS 2019 which is conducted during the ...

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Application fees

AIIMS 2019 Application Fees : The AIIMS application fee for different categories are tabulated below: Categories Fees General/OBC Rs 1500/- SC/ST Rs 1200/- PWBD Exempted ...

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Application Correction

AIIMS 2019 Application Correction :           Candidates can also edit their details form 8th January to 18th January 2019. In order to edit the details mentioned in the AIIMS applications follow ...

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Application Status

AIIMS 2019 Application Status :             An acknowledgement will be sent on the candidate’s registered e-mail ID. Make sure all the details are written correctly as incomplete information will lead to the rejection ...

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Exam Results

AIIMS MBBS 2019 Exam Results : Candidates will be able to view their results only through online mode. No other mode will be entertained to check the result. It will be declared ...

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Merit List

AIIMS MBBS 2019 Merit List :             List of candidates, those qualify for counselling to MBBS programme will be published in form of AIIMS merit list. The marks/percentile scores of individual ...

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AIIMS MBBS 2019 Cutoff :             AIIMS, New Delhi sets the minimum AIIMS MBBS 2019 cut off to be secured to qualify the entrance exam. It is important to secure the ...

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Fee Details

AIIMS MBBS 2019 Fee Structure :           We have tabulated down the admission fees for AIIMS that you need to pay after counselling. Academic & Other Fees Amount in Rs Registration Fee 25 Caution Fee 100 Tuition Fee 1350 Laboratory ...

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Covered Syllabus & Chapters in AIIMS Online Practice Tests

Physical world and Measurement
Laws of Motion - sub
Circular Motion
Work, Energy and Power -sub
Gravitation - sub
Properties of Bulk Matter
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Electrostatics - sub
Current Electricity - sub
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism - sub
Magnetism and Matter
Electromagnetic Induction - sub
Alternating Current - sub
Electromagnetic Waves - sub
Ray Optics - sub
Wave Optics - sub
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter - sub
Atoms and Nuclei - sub
Electronic Devices
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry-sub
Structure of Atom-sub
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in properties-sub
Chemical Bonding and molecular structure-sub
States of Matter : Gases and Liquids-sub
Redox Reactions-sub
s-block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth Metals)
Some p-Block Elements
Organic Chemistry - Some basic Principles and Techniques-sub
Environmental Chemistry-sub
Solid State-sub
Chemical Kinetics-sub
Surface Chemistry-sub
General Priniciples and Processes of isolation of Elements-sub
p-Block Elements
d- and f- Block Elements
Coordination Compounds-sub
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes-sub
Alcohols , Phenols and Ethers-sub
aldehydes , ketones and carboxylic Acids -sub
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Chemistry in Everyday Life
The Living World
Biological Classification
Plant Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation in animals
Cell Structure and Function
Transport in plants
Mineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis in higher Plants
Respiration in Plants
Plant Growth and development
Digestion and Absorption
Breathing and Exchange of gases
Body Fluids and Circulation
Excretory Products and Their Elimination
Movement and Locomotion
Reproduction in Plants
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Molecules Basis of inheritence
Human Health and Disease
Biotechnology - Principles and Processes
Organisms and Ecosystem
Biodiversity and wildlife Conservation
Environmental issues
Electromagnetic Waves
Solids and Semiconductor Device
Basics of Communications
Units,dimensions and Error Analysis
Motion in One Dimension
Motion in a Plane and Projectile Motion
Centre of Mass,Conservation of Linear Momentum Impulse and Collision
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Simple Harmonic Motion
Fluid Mechanics
Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Kinetic Theory of Gases
Thermodynamics - sub
Calorimetry and Heat Transfer
Oscillations and Waves
Nature and Scope of Biology
Animal Tissues
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Chemical Coordination and Intergration
Books and Authors
India and The World
Government Programmes
Committees and Commissions
Language and Culture
Environmental Studies
Current Affairs
Indian History
Indian Economy
Indian Polity
General Science
Reproduction in Organisms
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Human Health and Disease
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Microbes in Human Welfare
Biotechnology : Principles and Processes
Organism and Populations
Biodiversity and Conservation
Reproductive Health
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Structure of Atom
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in properties
Chemical Bonding and molecular structure
States of Matter : Gases and Liquids
Diversity in Living World
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Plant Physiology
Human physiology
Genetics and Evolution
Biology and Human Welfare
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Ecology and environment
Redox Reactions
Organic Chemistry - Some basic Principles and Techniques
Laws of Motion
Work, Energy and Power
Current Electricity
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Atoms and Nuclei
Communication Systems
Environmental Chemistry
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
General Priniciples and Processes of isolation of Elements
Coordination Compounds
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
d-and f-block elements - sub
Electric Charges and Fields
Cell the unit of life