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10th Public Exam March 2019 Important 2 Marks Questions

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :


Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100
    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Correct the answer.
    (a) Primitive man evolved in Australia.
    (b) Theory of natural selection was proposed by Lamarck.

  2. Consider the following statement:
    (a) Somatic variation pertains to body cells and it is inherited.
    (b) The genotype of a character is influenced by factors called chromosomes. Do you agree with the above statements? If not, give correct statements.

  3. Do you agree with the following statements? If not, give correct statements:
    (a) Primitive man evolved in Australia.
    (b) Between 7500-1000 years the modern Homo sapiens.

  4. clones are those who possess identical chromosomes. Fill up with the suitable word given in the brackets. 
    a) Identical twins are ----------.
    (natural clones I induced clones)
    b) Identical twins are ---------.
    (dissimilar to each .otner I similar to each other)

  5. To spot the error / mistake in the given statements
    Correctthe mistakes, if any, in the following statements.
    Fungi are green saprophytic or parasitic plants that subsist on live and decaying
    organic matter or living organisms

  6. To label the parts in the given diagram
    From the below diagram label A and B.

  7. What are the opportunistic infections of HIV?

  8. What are the functions of cerebrum.

  9. To Raise Question :
    Raja's father suffers from diabetic. Suggest a way to control this problem.

  10. To label the parts in the given diagram
    From the below diagram label the following parts.

  11. To find the odd one out
    Pick odd man out:
    Goitre, Diabetes, Oestrogen, Retarded growth

  12. Short Answers
    What are the functions of thyroxin hormone?

  13. Copy a diagram and mark the parts
    Draw the diagram given below and name the parts 'A: and 'B'.

  14. Fill up the blanks
    a) Thyroxine : Personality hormone
    b) adrenaline : ___________.

  15. What are hormones?

  16. What are thyroid disorders?

  17. What is fragmentation?

  18. What is budding?

  19. In balsam plant the seeds fall off far away from the mother plant.
    a) Is this statement correct or incorrect?
    b) Give reason.

  20. What is pollination?

  21. Draw given diagram of L.S. of Kidney and label the following parts.
    (a) Medullary pyramid   b) Ureter

  22. The polar bears have thick skin and wooly fur, the whales have baleen plates - Give reasons .

  23. To find the odd one out 
    Pick out the odd one out.
    1. Globulin, glomerulus, fibrinogen, albumin
    2. Mountaingoat,big homed sheep, grizzly bear, seal

  24. What are the four compositions of circulatory system of man?

  25. Name are the two structural components of nephrons.

  26. Defme parental care

  27. Name the plants which are used in the production of bio-plastic

  28. Name the plants which are used in the production of bio-plastic.

  29. To Raise questions
    What will happen if all the grass is removed from the grass land eco system ?

  30. What is wildlife?

  31. What are the environmental effects of oil spills?

  32. Waste water is often used in agriculture. Give reasons
    1.When effluent is used for irrigation, good water can be reserved exclusively for drinking water.
    2.This minimize the need for chemical fertilizers
    3.This reduces cost, energy, expenditure and industrial pollution.

  33. How sewage is formed?

  34. What are the benefits of house hold waste water recycling systems?

  35. Write any four liquid biofuels used for transportation.

  36. Reason and Assertion:
    Common salt dissolves in water. Give reasons

  37. Common salt is soluble in water. Why?

  38. Define Brownian movement.

  39. What is a true solution?

  40. Define solvent.

  41. 'CI' represents the chlorine atom, 'Cl2' represents chlorine molecule. List out any two differences between atoms and molecules.

  42. Reason and Assertion
    What happens when a piece of chalk is broken into minute particles?

  43. Write a short note on Isotopes

  44. Calculate the number of moles in 90 grams of water

  45. Differentiate atoms and molecules ?

  46. Calculate the number of molecules in 360g of glucose​​​​​​​

  47. Why does the colour of copper sulphate change when an zinc rod is kept in it?Justify your answer

  48. Second period is a short period. It contains only two elements.

  49. When steam is passed over red hot iron, ferric oxide of iron is formed.

  50. Write the uses of aluminium.


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