10th Public Exam March 2019 Creative Questions and Answers

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    100 x 2 = 200
  1. What is ment by political Imperialism?

  2. What were the provision of the Treaty of Nanking?

  3. Bring out the result of the Second Opium War.

  4. Write a short note on the Boxer rebellion.

  5. What is political imperialism?

  6. What is Economical imperialism?

  7. What is political imperialism?

  8. What is Economical imperialism?

  9. How did the French influenced in India?

  10. What made to establish the Republic of China?

  11. Write a short note on the Balkan Problem.

  12. Why was France interested in the First World War?

  13. Who were the main personalities of the Paris Peace conference?

  14. Name the world organizations founded before the League of Nations.

  15. Why did Russia withdraw from the war?

  16. What were the effects of the New deal?

  17. What were the aims of Fascism?

  18. How did Fascism come to an end?

  19. Write a brief note on Labour Front.

  20. Who were the axis powers and who were the allied powers?

  21. List out the major organs of the UNO

  22. Mention the permanent member countries of the UNO.

  23. How did the annexation policy of the British lead to the revolt?

  24. What were the reasons for the disappearance of cottage industries in India?

  25. Who were the followers of Dayananda Saraswathi?

  26. What do you know about Aligarh movement?

  27. Write a short note on Surat split

  28. Why did the Congress oppose the Rowlatt Act?

  29. What were the aims of the Muslim League?

  30. Write a note about Jallian Wala Bagh Tragedy.

  31. Write a short note on Chauri Chaura incident

  32. Why did Simon Commission come to India? Why was it boycotted?

  33. Write about the Cripp's Mission.

  34. Explain Mount Batten Plan.

  35. What were the causes for the decline of the Justice party?

  36. "Moovalur Ramamirdham is a freedom fighter and a Social Reformer" - Justify the statement.

  37. Why do we call Periyar as "Vaikam Hero"?

  38. Show that india is against nuclear weapons.

  39. Give examples to show that india works for freedom of nations.

  40. Name the member countries of the SAARC.

  41. Explain the role of india in the suez canal crisis.

  42. Write about the civil war in Cyprus.

  43. How does prof. seely define 'Democracy'?

  44. What is a regional party? Give example

  45. What is meant by universal adult franchise?

  46. What is meant by by-election?

  47. Define 'goods' and 'services'.

  48. What is meant by Gross national product?

  49. What is black money?

  50. What are the factors of production?

  51. Give examples for tertiary sectors?

  52. What are the objectives of Five year plane?

  53. What is meant by public sector industries?

  54. Write briefly about the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of India.

  55. How is India's position favourable for external trade?

  56. Mention the peaks,passes and hill resorts found in the Himalayas

  57. How does a river disappear?

  58. Mention the religious places situated along the bank of the Ganga.

  59. Mention the important hill stations of South India.

  60. Mention the Peninsular rivers.

  61. List out the names of seven states in northeastern India called seven sisters?

  62. Name the neighboring countries of India?

  63. What are the different types of Monsoon?

  64. What are the components of soil?

  65. What are the uses of Manganese?

  66. Mention the Bauxite producing centres of India.

  67. Mention the types of coal

  68. What are the peculiarities of renewable energy sources.

  69. How can we preserve energy?

  70. Metallic Minerals and Non - Metallic Minerals.

  71. Micro Nutrients of the soil- Macro Nutrients of the soil.

  72. Thermal Electricity - Hydro Electricity

  73. Alluvial Soil-Black Soil.

  74. Name the major Minerals and Coal producing states of India?

  75. Mention the types of soil.

  76. What is the composition of soil?

  77. What are the measures to conserve energy?

  78. What is meant by multiple cropping?

  79. What are the uses of jute?

  80. List out the types of revolution with its associated productions.

  81. What are pulses?

  82. Acrobase industry and forest base industry

  83. Sugar factories are located near the areas of Sugarcane cultivation -Give reasons.

  84. How is global warming caused?

  85. How does water pollutin affects food chain and human beings?

  86. What is meant by Eutrophication? What is its effect on water?

  87. Suggest measures to control noise pollution.

  88. Acid rain and smoke

  89. What is internal trade?

  90. What is international trade?

  91. What is bilateral trade?

  92. What is favourable balance of trade?

  93. What is unfavourable balance of trade?

  94. What are National Highways?

  95. What are Express ways?

  96. Describe the role of railways in indian economy.

  97. What are inland water ways?

  98. Mention the four major ship building yards of india.

  99. What are sensors?

  100. What is global positioning system?


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