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Nature of Physical World and Measurement-5 marks

11th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    10 x 5 = 50
  1. Explain with graphs the difference between work done by a constant force and by a variable force

  2. State and explain work energy principle. Mention any three examples for it.

  3. Arrive at an expression for power and velocity. Give some examples for the same.

  4. Arrive at an expression for elastic collision in one Dimension and discuss various cases.

  5. What is inelastic collision? In which way it is different from elastic collision. Mention few examples in day to day life for inelastic collision.

  6. Calculate work done to move a boy of mass 20 kg along an inclined plane (\(\theta\) = 45°) with constent velocity through a distance of 10 m.

  7. A bullet of mass 25 g moving with a velocity of 400 ms-1 strikes a cardboard and goes out from the other end with a velocity of 300 ms-1, find out the work done in passing through the cardboard.

  8. A bullet of mass 30 g moving with a speed of 500 ms-1 penetrates 10 em into a fixed target. Calculate the average force exerted by target on the bullet.

  9. Find the work done and power of an car engine which can maintain a speed of 40 ms-1 for a mass of a car 2 x 103 kg on a rough level road to 2 km. The coefficient of friction is 0.05.

  10. A large and small vehicle moving with the some kinetic energy on a straight road. Their engine are simultaneously OFF. Which one will stop at a longer distance?


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