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Metallurgy five marks

12th Standard EM

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answer the following question:
Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 75
    15 x 5 = 75
  1. Describe the role of the following in the process mentioned.
    (i) Silica in the extraction of copper.
    (ii) Cryolite in the extraction of aluminium.
    (iii) Iodine in the refining of Zirconium.
    (iv) Sodium cyanide in froth floatation.

  2. Explain the principle of electrolytic refining with an example.

  3. The selection of reducing agent depends on the thermodynamic factor: Explain with an example.

  4. Give the limitations of Ellingham diagram

  5. Write a short note on electrochemical principles of metallurgy.

  6. Explain froth flotation, with diagram.

  7. Explain concentration by magnetic separation with diagram.

  8. In the extraction of copper, explain the smelting process.

  9. Explain refining of nickel by mond's process

  10. Explain refming of titanium by Van-Arkel method.

  11. List out the application of aluminum

  12. List the applications of iron

  13. How can you separate alumina from silica in a bauxite ore

  14. What is zone refining? Describe the principle involved in the purification of the metal by this method.

  15. Write short note on the following:
    (i) The process in which no external reducing agent is used.
    (ii) The process which is used for highly electro positive metal.
    (iii) Write the equation involved in the thermite process.


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