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Metallurgy three marks

12th Standard EM

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answer the following:
Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 99
    33 x 3 = 99
  1. Explain zone refining process with an example using the Ellingham diagram given below

  2. (A) Predict the conditions under which
    (i) Aluminium might be expected to reduce magnesia.
    (ii) Magnesium could reduce alumina.
    (B) Carbon monoxide is more effective reducing agent than carbon below 983K but, above this temperature, the reverse is true –Explain.
    (c) it is possible to reduce Fe2O3 by coke at a temperature around 1200K

  3. Give the uses of zinc.

  4. Explain the electrometallurgy of aluminium

  5. Explain the following terms with suitable examples.
    (i) Gangue
    (ii) slag

  6. Give the basic requirement for vapour phase refining.

  7. What is gravity separation? (or)
    Explain hydraulic washing?

  8. What is cyanide leaching? Give an example

  9. What is cementation?

  10. What is meant by ammonia leaching?

  11. Explain alkali leaching in the extraction of aluminum,

  12. How is acid leaching done for the sulphide ores?

  13. Before reduction, the ore is first convertedI into the oxide of metal of interest. Gtve reason

  14. Explain roasting with an example.

  15. Explain calcination with an example.

  16. What is vapour phase method?

  17. Distinguish Roasting and Calcination

  18. Write the complete set of reactions occurring in the zone of reduction in the blast furnace in the metallurgy of iron.

  19. What is the role of depressants in froth flotation process?

  20. Define the term slag.

  21. Write the molecular composition of the following ores and mentions it metal : magnetite) calamine and bauxite.

  22. (i) Which of the following metals cannot: be extracted by the smelting process : 1 AI, Zn, Fe and Pb. Give reasons.
    (ii) Which one is a good reducing agent (C or CO) for Fe2O3, below 1073 k?

  23. What is coupling of reaction? How is it useful in metallurgy?

  24. What is meant by aluminotherrnitc process?

  25. What is liquation?

  26. Mention the uses of copper

  27. List the applications of gold

  28. What is Misawite? Give its composition

  29. Write the chemical composition of the following alloys and give anyone of its application.
    (i) Bronze
    (ii) Brass
    (iii) Stainless steelass

  30. Copper and silver lie low in the electrochemical series and yet they are found in the combined state as sulphides in nature. Comment.

  31. Support the statement given below with relevant examples

  32. Why is zinc not extracted from zinc oxide through reduction using CO?

  33. What are the applications of the Ellingham diagram?


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