SSLC Public Official Model Question 2019

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:15:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100
    14 x 1 = 14
  1. Turkey extended her support to the


    Allied powers


    Axix powersCentr


    Central powers


    Super powers

  2. The coal mines given to France were 









  3. UNO's main deliberative body is 


    The General Assembly


    The Secretariat


    The security council


    The Trusteeship Council

  4. Lord William Bentink passed an act in 1829 to abolish Sati due to the efforts of.


    Mrs.Annie Besant 


    swami vivekanandha 


    raja rammohan roy 


    Lala Hansraj

  5. In 1946,the Interim Government was set up under the leadership of


    Vallabhbai Patel


    Mount Batten


    Jawaharlal Nehru



  6. To vote an election a person should be above the age of 









  7. ISO was established in









  8. National Income of a country can be calculated by


    2 methods 


    3 methods 


    4 methods 


    5 methods 

  9. Economic activities are classified into -------------sectors.









  10. Bhoodan Movement was started by 


    Jayaprakash Narayan 


    Jawaharlal Nehru


    Acharya Vinobhabhave 


    Dr.Rajendra prasad 

  11. The source of river Ganga is ........................... .









  12. Mangrove forests are found in the


    Equatorial region


    Mountainous regions


    Coastal regions


    Desert regions

  13. Tata iron and steel industry is located at ............................... .









  14. The indian railways was nationalised in 









  15. 10 x 1 = 10
  16. Great Indian revolt
  17. (1)


  18. Battle of Plassey
  19. (2)

    Gulf of Khambhat

  20. Taiping Rebellion

  21. (3)

    Dr. Sun yat sen

  22. Republic of china 

  23. (4)


  24. Bagdad Railway

  25. (5)

    68 million hectares

  26. Total Forest Area

  27. (6)


  28. Soil Erosion

  29. (7)


  30. Tidal energy

  31. (8)


  32. Wave energy

  33. (9)

    Texture Structure

  34. Ore of Aluminium

  35. (10)


    10 x 2 = 20
  36. Write a short note on Mandate system.

  37. What was the immediate cause of the First World War?

  38. What were the four pillars of Fascism?

  39. Has Munich Pact brought peace for some time ? How ?

  40. Mention the importance of queen Victoria's Proclamation?

  41. point out the impacts of social and Religious Reform Movement in the 19 th Century.

  42. Augest Offer-Write a short note

  43. Why do we call Periyar as "Vaikam Hero"?

  44. write a short note on the civil war in congo.

  45. What are National Parties?

  46. Write a note on the Protective functions of modern welfare State.

  47. What is meant by public sector industries?

  48. Name the factors determining the climate of India.

  49. Micro Nutrients of the soil- Macro Nutrients of the soil.

  50. Name any five software centers.

  51. What is meant by pollution due to e-waste?

  52. Brief how physiography play a role in the distribution of Railway networks in India?

  53. Name the major ports of india.

  54. Mention any two applications of GIS.

  55. What are the important aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction?

  56. 4 x 2 =8
  57. Distinguish between.
    GMT and IST

  58. West Coastal Plains and East Coastal Plains.

  59. Renewable resource and Non renewable resource

  60. Wind energy and thermal energy

  61. Distinguish
    Air Pollution-Water Pollution.

  62. Distinguish
    Acid Rain, Smog

  63. Distinguish between Exports and imports

  64. Distinguish between Internal trade and International trade

  65. 2 x 4 = 8
  66. Revolt at Central India. 
    a) Who led the revolt at Central India?
    b) Name the place captured by Rani Lakshmi Bai.
    c) What was her end?
    d) what did Tantia Tope do?

  67. Jallian Wala Bagh Tragedy.
    a) Who were the prominent leaders arrested?
    b) Where did  the people gather?
    c) Who was the British Millitary commander of Amirtsar?
    d) What did Rabindranath Tagore do?

  68. 4 x 5 = 20
  69. Describe first and second opium wars?

  70. How did Hitler establish Nazi rule in Germany?

  71. What are the major achievements of the UNO?

  72. Write a paragraph about Pancha sheel and the policy of Non-Alignment.

  73. Explain the role of Opposition Party in a democracy

  74. Explain how do language and literature help to maintain unity in diversity.

  75. Explain the three strategies adopted by the government to protect the interests of the consumers.

  76. Explain two basic concepts of National Income.

  77. What are the steps taken to improve the indian economy after independence?

  78. What are the main objectives of the Forest policy ?

  79. What are the effects of acid rain?

  80. Explain india's trade with reference to her major export and imports.

  81. 5+ 10 = 15
  82. Mark the following in the given out line map of Europe.

    a) Tannenburg     b) River Marne     c) Jutland      d) Dardnelles     e) Danzig

  83. Mark the following on the given out line map of iindia.

     a)portuguses territories-Diu, Daman,Goa 

     b) French territories-pondichery Karaikal,Yenam,Mahe 

      c) West Pakistan  d) East Pakistan e) Hyderabad

      f) Junagadh   g) Kashmir

  84. Thar Desert and Deccan Plateau.

  85. Mark the following in the out line map of India.

    Northern Terminal of North South corridor.

    Major Ports in Kerala and Odisha.

    Mark the road route linking Mumbai and Delhi.

    Mark the longest National Highway with two Inter mediates.

    Mark the headquarters of konkon railways.

    Mark the international Airports in the four metropolitan cities.

    Link Chennai and Delhi by rail route.

    Link Mumbai and Kolkata by rail route. 

  86. 1 x 5 = 5
  87. 1920 to 1940


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