QB365 - Question Paper Automation Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is QB365.IN?

A great tool to prepare question papers with inbulit question banks. For Teachers, Institutions, Schools. Question Papers in 5 Mins & Save your Valuable time.

How can I Subscribe & Use QB365?

The user has to register & subscribe the plans available on QB365.in to prepare unlimited question papers.

What is minimum software or system requirement to use QB365?

No specific software requirement, Subscribed users can prepare question papers online with the support of any browsers.

How will I prepare question paper online from QB365.IN?

User needs to selecting some basic information like Subject, Chapter, the required number of questions , marks and enter the notes etc. Once everything is ready, submit and get your question paper instantly with answer keys.

How many papers can I generate from QB365.IN?

Unlimited Question Papers for All Our Subscription Plans - No Restrictions , No Numbers, No Limits, No Counts

Can I add new questions to QB365.in?

Yes, the subscribed user can add / edit question/s at their end and it should be verifed and approved by our team.

Is there any limit for generating question paper in a Month or a Year?

No Restriction.

What features will I get through QB365.in?

User will get the following facilities on QB365.in: Prepare , ready-to-use question papers as per their syllabus, board, standard, subject. Get multiple pattern of generated question paper in few clicks. Get Answer Key and Solution along with your Question Paper.

What are the plans available?

We have subscription plans for 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year.

What type of support will I get from QB365.in?

QB365 team will give an online demo to users on "How to us www.QB365.in?". Also, there is a Help option on each page to guide how to use QB365.in features. Users will also be provided with a helpline number to solve user queries online.

Which Board of exams does QB365.in support?

Currently, QB365 supports CBSE Curriculam and Tamilnadu Stateboard Curriculam [ Tamil & English Medium]. Users can select the board at the time of registration. We are working on to add more state board curriculams.

What will happen if syllabus of exam get changed after I register on QB365?

User need not worry about the change in syllabus. Our experts team will take care of the changes in the syllabus and update the question bank accordingly as early as possible.

Is it possible to subscribe QB365.in only for one subject?

Yes, users can subscribe for one or more than one subject of their choice.

What if I forgot my login credential for QB365.in?

Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and reset password as per the instructions provided on screen.

Will I get solution/answer key along with prepared question paper?

On QB365.in, the Question bank application is provided with solutions and answer keys. When user will submit question paper, automatically you will get solutions and answer keys.

How fast can I generate question paper on QB365.in?

Just spend 3-4 minutes & save your precious 1-2 hours. Question paper preparation is very easy on QB365.in. Need to select the exam, subject name, chapter name and number of questions, select the required number of questions from each topic, add question notes etc.. This process is very fast and the user can work as per their convenience.

Is there any benefit if I invite / recommend others on QB365.in?

Yes you can get rewards and discounts for your additional subscription / renewals.

What are the charges for QB365.in membership?

Registration on QB365.in is absolutely free. The user has to pay only for question paper generation on QB365.in. Visit the page - https://www.qb365.in/buy-question-paper-preparation-software

How can I Subscribe / buy QB365.in services?

Users can buy QB365.in services in two ways - either paying directly through payment gateway or can deposit the amount directly in our bank account. If you are paying through payment gateway, the amount will be directly credited to your Subscription.

You can also deposit the amount in our bank account. You will have to send SMS to +91 86828 93000 , 95000 , 96000 or send us a mail on sales@qb365.in with details like payment amount, payment date and payment reference number. Your Subscription will be activated with in few working hours.

How can I store the prepared question paper for future reference?

Dont Worry all the question papers you have prepared will be available in your user panel.

Is there any limit for number of questions in a question paper?

Yes, there is a limit for selecting questions for each question paper depending on the subject

What additional benefits does QB365.in has?

Additional benefits of QB365.in are User can Share the question papers to Students and other teachers via Email / Whatsapp.

Can I get refund for the payment?

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. We would requesting user to be fully satisfied before you make payment.

Can I change My Paper Header , Font size & Logo , Watermark in my Question Paper?

Yes, you can change your paper header and logo. etc..

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