QB365 - Question Paper Automation Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is QB365.IN?

A great tool to prepare question papers with inbuilt question banks. For Teachers, Institutions, Schools, Tuition Centers & Home Tutors. Question Papers in 5 Mins & Save your Valuable time.

Is it really useful to have qb365 software for question paper generation or question paper preparation?

Of course! It is very useful for quality question paper and assignment creation. Having good questions collection in an institute / schools is important but to use them intelligently and optimally is rather important. QB365 Application can prevent repetition or duplicate or similar questions from appearing in the question / test papers more over once corrections are made there is no chance of erroneous questions in the question papers as there is single depository of the questions.

Why are Instant Automated Generated Question Papers important?

Nowadays, in this busy schedule, preparing Question Papers is rather a hectic job for Teachers / Schools / Institutions because it takes a lot of time. No worries. We have an idea for you - QB365

Scholars from all reputed institutions and teachers say that practicing more questions helps students improve the score in exams as it helps them to identify weak topics and prepare. It guides the students in better preparation for upcoming exams.

By considering all the above constraints, we have a solution for you.

QB365 provides you the Instant Automated Generated Question Papers in minutes for all types of Exams conducted in India. Our Intelligent Online Application Software develops the Questions along with answer keys for you. Now you can save much time and you can utilize this quality time for the further development of your students.

It saves time and money from preparing the traditional question papers which are to be printed or a question bank booklet that has to be bought from a shop.

What is a question paper generation system?

Question paper generation systems are cloud based software which enable the user to manage a large volume question bank efficiently and organize questions and generate the question papers of desired configuration in an automatic way.

What are the advantages of the QB365 question paper generation system?

Question paper generation systems save time, cost, paper consumption associated with the manual question paper generation system. The user can handle large question banks easily and can repurpose the questions in exams. It is also possible to create the multiple question papers with desired configuration with a single click.

Which question types are supported by the QB365 question paper generation system?

QB365 - question paper generation systems support all types of questions including MCQ (Objective), Theory (Subjective), Multi-select, Fill in the blank, match the pair, and coding questions.

To Whom QB365 - Question Paper Generator useful?

The teacher can prepare the question paper based on level of difficulty for various exams like Unit test, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Annual.

For greater flexibility, question papers are set according to User defined

Automated Question Paper Generation & Instant Results

  • Simplifies the Question Paper Making
  • Supports all formats
  • Readily available Questions
  • Instant evaluation
  • Micro level analysis

How can I Subscribe & Use QB365?

The user has to register & subscribe the plans available on QB365.in to prepare unlimited question papers.

What is minimum software or system requirement to use QB365?

No specific software requirement, User should have anyone browser listed here and Adobe reader. IE 9.0, Google Chrome 18.0, Mozilla Firefox 20.0 or any higher versions of these browsers.

How will I prepare question paper online from QB365.IN?

User needs to selecting some basic information like Subject, Chapter, the required number of questions , marks and enter the notes etc. Once everything is ready, submit and get your question paper instantly with answer keys.

How many papers can I generate from QB365.IN?

Unlimited Question Papers for All Our Subscription Plans - No Restrictions , No Numbers, No Limits, No Counts

What are the chances of repetition of questions in different question paper? Can we avoid it through qb365 software itself?

QB365 has hundred percent logic to avoid repetition of question in different paper which can be generated by same format.

It also provides you the choice of inclusion or exclusion of the questions previously asked for new question paper.

Can I add new questions to QB365.in Database?

Yes, the subscribed user can add / edit question/s at their end and it should be verified and approved by our team. The user can add question/s at their end but there is a predefined format for question entry. Also, questions entered by the user will be accessible to that user/institute only and to other users don't have access to this Questions.

Is there any limit for generating question paper in a Month or a Year?

No Restriction.

What features will I get through QB365.in?

User will get the following facilities on QB365.in: Prepare , ready-to-use question papers as per their syllabus, board, standard, subject. Get multiple pattern of generated question paper in few clicks. Get Answer Key and Solution along with your Question Paper.

What does it mean when QB365 is a question paper / bank manager as well?

It is web based online application software with database where we can store any type of question. The entire question can be classified or grouped according to its Board, Exam, Subject, Chapter, Topic & Level of difficulty of questions. More over whenever you want question paper it can reproduce questions in few clicks only.

What exactly QB365 does for educational institutes and Teachers?

QB365 manages all the questions of the institutes very systematically and saves them in digital format in well classified group, which can be used for paper generation & creation of new question. Hence it saves lot of man power & time. QB365 also helps to find duplicate and similar questions in database & give actual strength of question.

What are the plans available?

We have subscription plans for 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year.

Tami Nadu State Board Subjects - Click to Know

CBSE Board Subjects - Click to Know

What type of support will I get from QB365.in?

QB365 team will give an online demo to users on "How to us www.QB365.in?". Also, there is a Help option on each page to guide how to use QB365.in features. Users will also be provided with a helpline number to solve user queries online.

Which Board of exams does QB365.in support?

Currently, QB365 supports CBSE Curriculum and Tamilnadu State board Curriculum [ Tamil & English Medium]. Users can select the board at the time of registration. We are working on to add more state board curriculums.

What will happen if syllabus of exam get changed after I register on QB365?

User need not worry about the change in syllabus. QB365 experts team will take care of the changes in the syllabus and update the question bank accordingly as early as possible. Also User can Email the details.

What is Benefits of QB365 - Automatic Question Paper Software?

Question paper generator application software is a remarkable solution for schools, training institutes, tuition centers and professionals. This software creates question paper in just fraction of minutes. As we are aware that conducting exams is a lengthy and a time taking process which happens either annually or biannually or monthly or weekly depending upon the educational structure of any educational institutions. Teachers have no time to prepare the question papers and so other resources are hired to complete this work but with the help of QB365 application software work has become easier and non repetitive in nature where your set of questions are accumulated and reserved at 1 place and can be re used from a single platform as per future requirements and can be replenished from time to time.

Below few benefits of question paper software are mentioned:

The software allows to add the complexity of the question like single choice question, multiple choice question, true or false, fill in the blanks, match the following, as well as subjective and descriptive questions.

You can type the questions directly into the application by its specially designed editor.

The most significant feature of this software is that you can divide the questions according to your convenience. It may be subject- wise, chapter, topic or according to the class.

Another best thing of this software is that you can create different version of same question paper that is subject- wise be it either English, Math or any. The software automatically shuffles the questions and different sets of same question paper comes out.

Once the question paper is ready and you get the final output of it, now you can customize according to your choice by adding water mark or name or logo of your institute and other details.

Automatic paper generator is the simplest and most convenient software to create question paper for any class and anytime as per the requirement. It has various features that has made it easy to use and also reduces manpower. Also, it is easily affordable. Hopefully the above article has all the relevant information related to question paper software.

Is it possible to subscribe QB365.in only for one subject?

Yes, users can subscribe for one or more than one subject of their choice.

What if I forgot my login credential for QB365.in?

Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and reset password as per the instructions provided on screen.

Will I get solution/answer key along with prepared question paper?

On QB365.in, the Question bank application is provided with solutions and answer keys. When user will submit question paper, automatically you will get solutions and answer keys.

Can I generate subjective and quasi subjective question paper?

Yes Users can generate any type of question paper as the application software supports any type of question and there is facility to create question pattern. So if your database contains questions of the types you require, just create a question pattern of the test type and QB365 will generate paper as you wished!

How fast can I generate question paper on QB365.in?

Just spend 3-4 minutes & save your precious 1-2 hours. Question paper preparation is very easy on QB365.in. Need to select the exam, subject name, chapter name and number of questions, select the required number of questions from each topic, add question notes etc.. This process is very fast and the user can work as per their convenience.

Is there any benefit if I invite / recommend others on QB365.in?

Yes you can get rewards and discounts for your additional subscription / renewals.

What are the charges for QB365.in membership?

Registration on QB365.in is absolutely free. The user has to pay only for question paper software on QB365.in. Visit the page - Click to Know

How can I Subscribe / buy QB365.in services?

Users can buy QB365.in services in two ways - either paying directly through payment gateway or can deposit the amount directly in our bank account. If you are paying through payment gateway, the amount will be directly credited to your Subscription.

What is the preferred mode of payment?

There are various modes of payment. you can select anyone that is suitable according to your convenience. You can also contact our executives to discuss the payment plan. Although we do accept payment online where institutes can pay either via debit card, credit card , UPI Payments - Gpay, PayTm or through net banking facility. Even if client is interested in making payment via cheque, we accept the same as well.

You can also deposit the amount in our bank account. You will have to send SMS to +91 86828 93000 , 95000 , 96000 or send us a mail on sales@qb365.in with details like payment amount, payment date and payment reference number. Your Subscription will be activated with in few working hours.

How can I store the prepared question paper for future reference?

Don't Worry all the question papers you have prepared will be available in your user panel.

What are the add on features of Automated Question Paper Preparation by QB365?

Very much User Friendly website & mobile App

5,00,000+ Ready to use questions with answers and solutions

Prepare Unlimited no of question papers.

Download the question paper once and use as many times as needed. There is no Limit for it.

Can I upgrade my package / subscription after initial months of usage?

Yes, Of course, you can.

We Still Have Many Unanswered Questions, What We Should Do?

Contact us through email support@qb365.in , phone (+91 86828 93000 , 95000 , 96000) we will answer your queries or we may visit your Institute to clarify all your queries.

How will I get question paper from QB365 Application?

User needs to prepare question paper by selecting some basic information like Exam Name, Subject, Chapter, the required number of questions. Questions can be selected based on Manual / Automatic. Once everything is ready, submit the final question paper. QB365 Application will process the job and generate the question paper in PDF format.

How can I start using a question paper software platform?

After Subscribing with QB365 - The user needs to login and define the configuration of the question paper; after which the question paper can be generated within few clicks and few minutes.

What facilities will I get through QB365 Web Based Question Paper Application?

User will get the following facilities:

  • Get, ready-to-use questions as per their board exams syllabus and subjects.
  • Set unlimited question paper as per user requirement.
  • Create versions of your question paper.
  • Get Answer Key and Solution Set along with your Question Paper.

Is there any hidden charges?

No, there is no hidden charges at all. All you need to do is, to use this software you need to pay only once. We always believe in making long-term relationship with our associations therefore we never hide any details from them. Our experts will communicate in detail about the total cost of subscription, what all it includes.

Will training be provided regarding usage of the software?

Of course, Yes. Our professionals will provide complete training about the software feature, how to use it, etc. The training can be arranged over phone or in person also, as per clients' specifications.

Is there any limit for number of questions in a question paper?

Yes, there is a limit for selecting questions for each question paper depending on the subject

Can a question paper with regional language be created using a question paper generation system?

Yes, it is possible to create a question paper containing questions in the regional language, all major regional languages spoken worldwide are supported by the question paper generation system. Right now we have question database for English and Tamil Languages only.

What additional benefits does QB365.in has?

Additional benefits of QB365.in are User can Share the question papers to Students and other teachers via Email / Whatsapp.

Can I get refund for the payment?

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. We would requesting user to be fully satisfied before you make payment.

Can I change My Paper Header , Font size & Logo , Watermark in my Question Paper?

Yes, you can change your paper header and logo. etc..

Does the user need technical expertise to use a question paper generation system?

No technical expertise or experience of using such a system is required, one with no technical knowledge can learn and adopt with this simple yet efficient technology. All you need is a device with internet connection, rest be assured that one with basic knowledge to use a computer can prepare question paper generation efficiently.

Do QB365 Provide Support Services?

We provide the best support services. Our support team is also available to answer any questions and help you with your question preparation task. We support our clients through email, chat, phone call, personal visit, whatsapp etc. Our support team will contact and resolve your problems as earliest as possible.

Which Type Of Educational Institution can use QB365 Question Paper Software?

Any educational institution where there is a need of Question Paper management, thus QB365 is the best to use there. It is suitable for small, medium-sized and large Schools, Teachers, Tuition Centers, Home Tutors etc..

Can I change My Paper Header & Logo in my QB365 Account?

Yes, you can change your question paper header and logo. QB365 is a Question Paper Generation Application software in which Papers can be created and downloaded Instantly. Registered user is fully responsible to secure his login details. Linlax InFoTech Private Limited - Visit as a company or any of its office bearers or Employees are not responsible of any misuse of this portal or any part of it, by its Registered users or anyone else to create and distribute Papers in any Header Name & Logo or any other use of the portal for which this portal is not intended, entitled or designed for.

Why - QB365 - Question Paper Generator?

Do you or your institute spend lot of time and money on setting question papers for weekly test, prelims and final exams?

Do you have to type in and format each question papers layout on computer before you send it out for printing?

Do you set question paper by picking up questions from previous tests that you have prepared in earlier batches?

Are looking for new questions all the time to challenge students ?

QB365 Question Paper Software is your One Stop Solution.

Still have a question? Don't worry, our customer care team is ready to help you with any questions or problems

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