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Creating effective question paper and giving it for practice plays major role in student's performance improvement. Thus the process is now easy with QB365. You can generate questions in few minutes.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We have unique and advanced features in our Qb365 question paper preparation software.

Question Types

You can get all types of questions for all subjects in a single depository of questions. MCQs, Image based questions, graphical questions, true or false questions .

Subject Based Questions

You can conduct subject based practice test with our well defined question papers. Questions , Answers & Solutions are available for all subjects.

Chapter Based Questions

You can create question papers on each chapters and can conduct chapter based practice test to make your students strong on all chapters.

Blue Print Based Questions

You can set up blueprint for all subjects and chapters. The department, subject and chapter details are already available in the software and you can modify the blueprint.

Different Patterns of Questions

In order to make the examination more effective and to avoid malpractices, create different sets of question papers by auto shuffling the questions as well as by manual shuffling and number the options like A,B,C or 1,2,3 etc.


Automated answer key generation

Answer Keys for the created question papers will be automatically generated along with the detailed solutions. In spite of spending more time to note down the answers for the questions , you can get answer keys in a minute and spend your valuable time on other activities.

What Makes QB365 Different


Unlimited Question Papers

Generate unlimited question papers from all subjects 24 / 7 at anytime and anywhere.


Answer Keys

Answer Keys available for all questions with detailed solutions


Year Wise Questions

Give practice every day with the previous year question papers

Best in Features

Benefits Of Having QB365

  • QB365 is easy to use where you can create question papers easily and quickly.

  • Create value question papers with high quality at low cost.

  • Answers for all the questions are given with detailed descriptions.

  • Unlimited questions such as book back questions, creative questions, etc are pre loaded in the software.

  • Customize the fonts of your question papers and reduce paper cost.

  • Save all the created questions on cloud for your future reference.


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