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Question Paper can be created within 5 minutes. Question papers created either through Manual or Blueprint [pre-determined] sets. Answer keys will be automatically generated for created question papers.

Tamil Nadu State Board Schools & Matriculation Schools

Question papers are prepared according to Matriculation and State Board syllabus. Our pre loaded question bank for Matriculation / Govt. High & Higher Secondary Schools [Class 10, 11 & 12 subjects] includes previous year questions, book back question, creative question, book exercise question, problems etc and also PTA question sets and in depth concept oriented questions. The question paper can be created bilingually. There are two options for language Tamil / English. The question paper created in any one language will be automatically translated into other. The modifications and the changes done in one language are automatically reflected in the other.

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CBSE School [Central Board of Secondary Education, India ]

In the CBSE syllabus where the grasp of the concept is given predominance the question papers can be prepared accordingly. There are various types of questions used in the CBSE public examinations. Most questions are Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions and value based questions. Thus our online question paper preparation software tool is indispensible for creating question papers in the CBSE schools.

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Coaching Center / Tuition Center / Tuition Teachers

Coaching centre, tuition centre and home tutors can use this online software to augment their capabilities. The centers can prepare the question papers with minimal human involvement and interference. The questions structured also will be more standardized like that of the academic institutions. The tuition / coaching centers will be armed with capabilities of creating any number of powerful question sets for practice in short duration and minimal human involvement in a reduced time. Question Papers prepared online with different sets / different patterns with answer keys.

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Individual Staff / Teacher

The individual teacher / staffs who aren't associated with any centers or institutions can also use this software to ease their workload and save their precious time. This online question paper automation software has such a rich set of preloaded question banks and question sets that can be used to create standardized questions which are normally created by a group of teachers through discussions. So it will be help in improving the professional quality of the individual teachers. Teacher can generate their question paper through online based on chapter / lesson wise, question type, term based and blueprint based.

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As there are numerous varieties, possibility, patterns in the available question banks with answer keys & solutions, the board exam preparing students in class 10, 11 and 12 using the online software can prepare themselves to any combination of question papers with answer keys and short solutions. This will improve their scores and brighten their understandings and their future opportunities.

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Why QBS [ Question Bank & Paper Software ]

QBS [Question Bank & Question Paper Software] has been designed by understanding the current education environment and teachers struggle for preparing the question papers periodically. The environment which exists today is far more competitive than it existed prior to a decade. QBS Online software has been designed to overcome the current problem which consumes more valuable time of our teachers.

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What is QB365 [ Question Bank 365 Days ]

QB365 - Online software has been designed to overcome the problems in the Existing (Manual) question paper creation & question bank works. The objective of the software is to improve the work quality, reduce the time taken and to economize the usage of resources involved in question paper preparation work. The existing system has been proven incommensurate in comparison with the modern advancements in the education sector. QB365 has been designed to bridge this gap. The educational institution's quality is gauged by the quality of the students it produces. The improvement in the quality of the students can only be attained by the system of regular assessments / class tests. QB365 is designed to systematize the question paper setting / preparation works and examination process, to improve the quality of the question prepared, to conduct the tests / exam involving very less manpower, to evaluate the answer efficiently and transparently. The question papers are created online based on the new syllabus of Matriculation, Tamilnadu Government State Board high & higher secondary schools and CBSE board schools class 10, 11 and 12 standard subjects. Question Banks available online for 12th Standard both Tamil & English Medium subjects- Maths / கணிதம், Biology / உயிரியல், Physics / இயற்பியல், Chemistry / வேதியியல், Business Maths / வணிக கணிதம், Economics / பொருளியல், Accountancy / கணக்குப்பதிவியல், Commerce / வணிகவியல், Computer Science / கணிப்பொறி இயல், History / வரலாறு. Also available for Class 10 both Tamil & English Medium subjects - Maths / கணிதம், Science / அறிவியல், Social Science / சமூக அறிவியல்.

How Question Bank Software Works Online [ QB365 ]

Question Banks are readily available online for Tamil Nadu Class 10, 11 & Class 12 Both Medium [Tamil & English]. Question bank includes book back questions, creative questions and previous 10 years question paper, examples and exercises. CBSE Board Class 10, 11 & 12 subjects question bank includes NCERT syllabus, NCERT Questions, HOTs Questions, Value Based Questions, and Most Important Questions etc.

QB365 includes all type of questions. - Such as Fill in the blanks , Match the following , Multiple choice questions , Answers in One line , Short Answer Questions, Choose the correct answer, Comprehension questions , Mark based questions , Problem type questions and more.

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Teacher Login

Everyone is given separate login ID and Password


Teacher Login

Everyone is given separate login ID and Password


Chapter Management

The Chapter / Lessons available for various Subjects are entered.


Question Management

Around 100000 questions are already included. Teachers / Members can easily manage the question bank any time / any where.

Question Management

Around 100000 questions are already included. Teachers / Members can easily manage the question bank any time / any where.


Question Paper Creation

Creation of question paper with multiple pattern and answer keys within 5 minutes.

Unique Features of QB365 - Question Paper Automation Software

  • Multiple Pattern

    Multiple Patterns of Question Paper created for single exam with answer keys.

  • Bilingual Question paper

    Create question paper in one language automatically translate in to another one. [Tamil --> English & English ---> Tamil Vise versa]. It's only for Tamil Nadu school subjects only.

  • Exam Blueprint

    Generate Question papers based on the predefined blueprints defined by the Tamilnadu Goverment.

  • Answer key Generation

    Easily generate multiple set of answer keys

  • Question selection

    Single click for questions selection process

  • Question type

    Options for upload all type of questions.

  • Examples and Excersies

    It includes all book back examples and excersies

  • Question Navigation

    Manual adjustments for question order

  • Question Bank

    Download options for all type of questions

  • Previous year questions

    10 Years of questions are included and seperated.

  • Questions Modification

    Easily add and edit the questions in question papers

  • Exam Notes

    Rich text editor for creating notes in question papers

Teacher Says

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.very easy to prepare question papers anytime any model depending on students capacity. It's very useful for teachers who really want to conduct test regularly. I recommend this software for teachers its very useful.

S.Ravichandaran , Ravi home tutions

Its reduce to spending time for question paper making

A.Sathiskumar , Kandhasamy Kandar Matric higher secondary school

QB365 is very good for us to take a question either the full paper or chapter wise and it is less time consuming. Congratulation TEAM

Stephen , TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Very Usefull to me


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