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Armapur P.G. College, Armapur

Armapur P.G. College, ArmapurArmapore Estate, Kalpi Road,

The Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University

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Armapore P.G. College, Kanpur situated in the vicinity of Armapore Estate, stands at the Kalpi Road. It is approximately 2 Kms. away from the Vijay Nagar crossroads to Panki. The College nomenclatured as "Armapore Degree College' was established on 23rd Aug., 1977. As a result as sincere, constant efforts made by all involved in the pious mission. It has now grown into a full-fledged P.G. College of eminence. It holds a place of pride among the reputed colleges, affiliated to the CSJM University, Kanpur. 

Though not voluminous in shape and size, the college has, however, carved out a niche for itself in the educational arena. The employees of the three Defence Production Units, in this regard, felt the dire need of providing higher education to their wards/ children. They brought this genuine problem to the discerning notice of the eminent authorities of the Ordnance Factories. Hon'ble. Mr. J.B. Saxena, the then Sr. G.M. of OFC, every inch a humanist, took initiative in this regard and chalked out a concrete plan to establish a Degree College in Armapore Estate. 

The College, initially started in the OFI College building, was shifted to a wing, comprising 10 rooms of the RTI building. With the passage of time, the strength of the College increased quite considerably, hence the College was further shifted to the present premises. Dr. Yatindra Tiwari joined the College as Principal in Aug., 1982 and continued to serve the institution with ample dedication for more than two decades. A versatile personality, Dr. Tiwari brought fame to the College by organizing a number of academic programs in the campus. 

A new Chapter in the illustrious history of our College begins with Dr. Girijesh Lal Srivastava's joining our institution on 20th Jan., 2009 as Principal, selected by the Higher Education Service Commission, U.P. Allahabad. Sophisticated by nature and sweet spoken, Dr. Srivastava is known for his insatiable energy and dynamism.


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