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Biswanath College of Agriculture

Biswanath Chariali

Assam Agricultural University

About College

Biswanath College of Agriculture (BNCA) was functionally started on 2nd February, 1988.The college was established to widen the institutional base of agricultural education in the state. Besides the agriculture stream, a forestry programme was also initially introduced in the college with the objective of generating manpower leading to graduation in forestry. As such, 25 students ( 20 in agriculture and 5 in forestry programme) were enrolled annually in the first two batches. Subsequently, however, the programme on forestry was decided to be kept in abeyance in view of the limited employment opportunity in the forestry sector in the region. The students enrolled in the forestry programme were, therefore, merged with the agriculture faculty thereby increasing the number of enrollment in the agricultural stream to 30.



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