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Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages

Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages,  .

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The English and Foreign Languages University was established by an Act of the Indian Parliament on 3 August 2007. As far as Central Universities go, we are the new kid on the block, but as an educational institution, we have been part of the Indian landscape for 50 years. In our old avatar, we were the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, often abbreviated to ‘CIEFL’. As our new name, ‘EFL’, is contained in the old CIEFL, it should come as no surprise that we intend to build on the achievements of the institute.

The Central Institute of English was the brainchild of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. CIE, as it was called then, was set up in 1958 in Hyderabad to train teachers of English. In April 1972, the Institute broadened its scope to include the major foreign languages, and was renamed the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages. CIE became CIEFL, and in July 1973 in recognition of its high standards of excellence, the University Grants Commission accorded the Institute the status of a deemed university.



  • B.A. Arabic
  • B.A. English Literature
  • B.A. French
  • B.A. German
  • B.A. Distance Education
  • B.A. Evaluation
  • B.A. Extension Services
  • B.A. Japanese
  • B.A. Linguistics and Contemporary English
  • B.A. Material Production
  • B.A. Phonetics and Spoken English
  • B.A. Radio, T.V. and Cinematography
  • B.A. Russian
  • B.A. Spanish

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