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Hindu College of Education

Opp. Sri Venkateswara Vignana Mandir

Acharya Nagarjuna University

About College

The Educational Agency (i.e. Hindu College and High SchoolsCouncil, Guntur) is one of the oldest in the state of Andhra Pradesh, At thefirst instance, in the year 1860, one Sanskrit School was started in the placein which the present Hindu College High School is located. This School wascontinued till 1920, and later, the name of the School was changed as Town HighSchool and granted permanent recognition in the year 1893 by the MadrasPresidency. Later, the local elite of the town have formed as a committee andtaken over the Management of Town High School. They have constructed puccabuiling during 1914 for running this High School. Subsequently, the Committeeestablished Hindu College at Guntur city during 1935 is one of the prestigiouscollege in the state. The students who have prosecuted their studies in thiscollege have been practicing as Doctors, Lawyers and working in Civil Services,and some are in political field. Sri Majety Guravaiah High School,Pattabhipuram High School, Badblamudi Hanumayamma Hindu Girals High School andJunior College, Bandlamudi Hanumayamma Hindu Degree College for women, HinduCollege of Pharmacy, Guntur are the institutions which were opened and beingrun successfullly by the Educational Agency all these years including HinduCollege P.G.Courses.


Class Rooms,
Activity Room,
Psychology Lab,
Science Lab,
Computer lab,
Social lab,
Language lab


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