Physical Education Colleges

Regional College of Physical Education

Panisagar ,

Tripura University

About College

Regional College of Physical Education , Lack of economic means should not be a constraint to the poor and the indigent to acquire education and tread the path of progress and development. This underlying commitment is the spirit behind the trust that promotes education amongst all strata of the society with a view to dispel ignorance and superstition, eradicate illiteracy and equip the youth with knowledge and training that will improve their employability and pave way for their gainful employment eventually leading to the development of the society as a whole.


  • E-Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Moot Court Hall
  • Law Forum
  • Student Aid Fund
  • Hostel and Mess
  • Transport



  • BPEd
  • CPEd
UG Diploma
  • DPEd

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