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The Faculty of Management Studies focuses on management education more than just business management. Faculty of Management Studies ( FMS ) Offers various Postgraduate Programs  such as MBA Full Time, MBA-Executive ( Evening Programme ),MBA-Executive HCA ( Evening Programme ),Management Development, Doctoral Programme.FMS has Announced the notification for MBA Postgraduate Course Admission is based on CAT  Score for the Academic year of 2015-2016 . About FMS MBA Admission – 2015 complete Details are presented in below.

FMS 2019 Exam Instructions

Instructions for the Candidate

1. The Admit Cards will be available from the 'Application Status' on your Login by 20 June 2013.

2. Please check the Admit Card carefully. In case of any discrepancy, communicate immediately to helpdesk.unic@yahoo.com.

3. Candidate must report at the Examination Centre by 10:00 AM.

4. No candidate shall be admitted to the Examination Centre after 11:00AM.

5. Candidate will not be allowed to enter the Examination Centre without the Admit Card.

6. All markings on the Test Booklet and the OMS Answer Sheet must be with Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only.

7. No candidate will be allowed to appear at an examination centre other than the one allotted.

8. Calculating or Communication devices of any kind such as calculators mobile phones etc. are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

9. Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as mentioned on the Test Booklet cover.

10. Candidate shall not be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before the end of the exam.

11. On completion of the test, the candidate must hand over the Answer Sheet to the invigilator.

12. The candidate can take away the Test Booklet, at the end of the test.

13. The signed copy of the Admit card must be retained till the end of the admission process.

14. Candidate must enter their Class XII marks in the online application not later than 10th June, 2013.

15. The admit card is issued provisionally to the candidate subject to his/her satisfying the eligibility conditions.

Instructions for Taking the Test

1. The OMR response sheet (Answer Sheet) is placed inside the Test-Booklet. At 10:50 a.m. (on 1st bell) take out the Answer Sheet WITHOUT BREAKING THE SEAL of the test booklet.

2. Read instructions given on Test-Booklet and Answer-Sheet carefully. Fill up the information on the Test Booklet and Answer-Sheet as per the instructions.

3. Break open the seal of the Test Booklet at 11:00 a.m. (on 2nd bell). You are advised to make sure that the SERIAL NUMBER of your Answer-Sheet is the same as the SERIAL NUMBER of your Test Booklet. If there is a discrepancy, request the invigilator to replace the Test-Booklet and the Answer Sheet immediately. Do not use an Answer-Sheet which has a different SERIAL NUMBER than the one given on the Test-Booklet.

4. Check the SERIES NUMBER of your Test-Booklet. The SERIES NUMBER is also printed on every page of the Test-Booklet. If there is a discrepancy, get your Test-Booklet and Answer-Sheet replaced with a new one.

5. Ensure that there are 100 questions serially numbered from 1 to 100 in the Test-Booklet.

6. For marking answers use Blue/Black ball point pen only.

7. Show your Admit Card to the invigilator, write your Test-Booklet Serial Number, Test-Booklet Series, Number and mark your attendance and left hand thumb impression on the Attendance Sheet. Make sure that the Invigilator signs both your Test-Booklet and Answer-Sheet.

8. Each correct answer will get a score of plus 3 marks; each wrong answer will get a score of minus 1 mark; and question not answered will get a score of 0 mark.

9. Darken only ONE bubble for each question as shown in the example below. If you darken more than one bubble, your answer will be treated as wrong.

10. Make marks only in the spaces provided. Please do not make any stray marks on the answer sheet.

11. Rough work MUST NOT be done on the answer sheet. Use your test booklet for this purpose.

12. Mark your answer only in the appropriate space against the number corresponding to the question you are answering.

13. You are NOT ALLOWED to use any calculating devices. Make sure that you do not possess any pages blank, handwritten or printed. If such material is found in your possession during the examination, you will be disqualified from the admission process.

14. Mobile phones and Pagers are not allowed inside the Examination Hall.

15. If you are found copying /helping others you will be disqualified from the admission process.

16. At the end of the examination, handover the Answer-Sheet to the invigilator.

17. Do not leave the examination hall until you are asked do so.

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