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2 Marks Revision Test

11th Standard

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Answer all the questions 

Time : 01:15:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. How is the Harappan culture divided into various phases?

  2. Highlight the position of women in the Early Vedic Age.

  3. Distinguish the difference between janapadas and mahajanapadas.

  4. What are the features of a centralised state?

  5. Identify Adukotpattu Cheralathan.

  6. Write a short note on “Kshatraps”.

  7. Attempt a brief account of Fahien on Mathura.

  8. Discuss the greatness of Mahipala I.

  9. Identify two important literary works in Kannada of Chalukyas’ time.

  10. Important ruling Rajput dynasties of Northern India during the Turkish invasion

  11. List the various units of the land measurement.

  12. Name the founders of city of Vijayanagar. How did it get its name?

  13. What do you know about the contribution of Ravidas to the Bhakti movement?

  14. Name some most popular sufi orders?

  15. How did Akbar deal with Bairam Khan?

  16. Mention the terms of the treaty signed in 1817 between the British and the Peshwa.

  17. What happened after the death of Madhay Rao II?

  18. What is a factory? List out the European factories established in the 16th Century.

  19. Write a note on Albuquerque.

  20. Write a note on irrigation development under the British.

  21. Name the Regions where enormous labours got?

  22. What is the revolt of Theeran Chinnamalai of Kongu region?

  23. What are the major forts of Puli Thevar?

  24. Why was the Shuddi Movement considered a revivalist movement ?

  25. What are the division of brahmo samaj?


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