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Nature of Physical World and Measurement creative two mark questions

11th Standard

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Answer all the questions
Time : 00:50:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50

    Part A

    25 x 2 = 50
  1. What is Physics?

  2. What is mechanics?

  3. What is mks system?

  4. Define Solar Year.

  5. Name three practical units to measure Area.

  6. What are the things needed to express the measurement of a physical quantity?

  7. Name four units to measure extremely small distances.

  8. What is an error? Name the three Errors in Measurement.

  9. What is Mean Absolute error?

  10. What is Percentage error?

  11. What is meant by the dimensions of a physical quantity?

  12. What are Dimensional variables? Give example.

  13. Define Dimensional Constant. Give example.

  14. What is meant by Scientific method?

  15. What is Classical mechanics?

  16. What is the meaning of Acoustics?

  17. What is meant by. Quantum mechanics.

  18. What are types of discoveries in physics?

  19. What is meant by Range of masses?

  20. In what ways physics is in relation to astronomy?

  21. Define the Sf unit of mass.

  22. Define the SI unit of electric current.

  23. What is the SI unit of Amount of substance.

  24. What is meant by the triple point of water?

  25. What is parsec?


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