All Chapter 4 Marks

10th Standard

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Total Marks : 180
    Answer All Following Questions:
    45 x 4 = 180
  1. Two bodies have a mass ratio of 3:4 The force applied on the bigger mass produces an acceleration of 12 ms-2. What could be the acceleration of the other body, if the same force acts on it.

  2. Give the application of torque.

  3. Explain the Sign Conventions of lenses.

  4. Find the final temperature of a copper rod. Whose area of cross section changes from 10 m2 to 11 m2 due to heating. The copper rod is initially kept at 90 K. (Coefficient of superficial expansion is 0.0021 /K)

  5. With an illustration, explain the method of Calculation for arial expansion of an object.

  6. Distinguish between the resistivity and conductivity of a conductor.

  7. Kalaivani was watching at a metal pipe, one end of which is connected to a tank at the top of her building and the other end to the tap, which is near the ground level. She was admiring how the water flows from top to the bottom through the pipe. She went and asked her mother, who was an engineer.
    (i) Also Kalaivani asked her mother that can she able to compare this with any other scientific concepts?
    (ii) How would her mother have compared
    the resistance in a water pipe as well as in a conductor.
    (iii) Give the expression for resistors connected in series and parallel.

  8. A strong sound signal is sent from a ship towards the bottom of the sea. It is received back after 1s.What is the depth of sea given that the speed of sound in water 1450 m s–1?

  9. Write the applications of echo.

  10. Define critical mass.

  11. Explain the uses of radio isotopes in medicine field?

  12. Derive the relationship between Relative molecular mass and Vapour density.

  13. Give the applications of Avogadro's hypothesis.

  14. a) State the reason for addition of caustic alkali to bauxite ore during purification of bauxite.
    b) Along with cryolite and alumina, another substance is added to the electrolyte mixture. Name the substance and give one reason for the addition

  15. How is zinc blende concentrated? Explain it with a neat diagram

  16. 3.5 litres of ethanol is present in 15 litres of aqueous solution of ethanol. Calculate volume percent of ethanol solution.

  17. Explain Solid solution, Liquid solution and Gaseous solution.

  18. Explain the factors influencing the rate of a reaction

  19. Explain the classification based on the direction of the reaction.

  20. How is ethanol manufactured from sugarcane?

  21. Explain how ethanol is manufactured from molasses?

  22. Write the reaction for photosynthesis?

  23. Explain the role ofsunlightin photosynthesis.

  24. List out the parasitic adaptations in leech.

  25. Is hirudin used in medical science

  26. How are arteries and veins structurally different from one another?

  27. List the difference between RBC and WBC.

  28. Voluntary and involuntary actions.

  29. Tabulate the different parts of the brain and their functions.

  30. What are synthetic auxins? Give examples.

  31. Explain the physiological effects of Auxins.

  32. Why are the human testes located outside the abdominal cavity? Name the pouch in which they are present .

  33. Explain the process of fertilization in plants?

  34. What do you understand by the term phenotype and genotype?

  35. Mala had a huge scar on her cheek after she met with fire accident during her college days. She is worried ifher baby would inherit the scar she had acquired. She clarified with her doctor, she need not worry about it, as her scar is an acquired trait.
    (i) What are acquired traits?
    (ii) How is it different from inherited traits?

  36. Define Ethnobotany and write its importance.

  37. Two kittens (Leo and Joe) from the same mother were separated and sent to different habitual conditions. Leo was sent to a high mountain wild region and Joe was domesticated and lived in a city. After a good 5 years) it was found that Leo was aggressive and built strong with hunting skills. Leo looked tall with strong legs and muscled structure) whereas Joe was a well mannered cat looked puffy with soft legs.
    (i) Do you think habitual condition impact animal characters?
    (ii) What acquired characters does Leo inherit?
    (iii) Is it true but Leo's offspring would be a hunter?

  38. Differentiate between outbreeding and inbreeding.

  39. Why are Genetically modified organisms produced? Explain the purpose and advantages.

  40. Once a person starts taking drugs or alcohol it is difficult to get rid of the habit. Why ?

  41. Write a note an smoking hazards and effects of Tobacco.

  42. How would you dispose the following wastes?
    a. Domestic wastes like vegetable peels
    b. Industrial wastes like metallic cans Can the disposal protect the environment? How?

  43. Write a note an wind energy

  44. Program for print the word “Hello” with sound

  45. In a biology period, the teacher drew the heart of rabbit on the board and explained its structure and functions. After the class, your friend told you that he finds it difficult to understand the concept and felthe wanted a detailed explanation.
    (i) In what way the teaching can be made easily understandable?
    (ii) Do you think using technologies like Visual Communication help students to understand the difficult concepts in a simple way?
    (iii) By what means the Visual Communication improve the learning ability?


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