Creative Important 2 Marks Questions

10th Standard

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Total Marks : 226

    Part A

    113 x 2 = 226
  1. What is meant by natural motion?

  2. Distinguish between balanced and unbalanced force.

  3. Write the convention rule of couple.

  4. Define 1 dyne.

  5. What is meant by Apparent weight?

  6. How is a rainbow formed?

  7. When does Mie scattering take place? Write the causes.

  8. What is the function of Cornea?

  9. A convex lens of refractive in μ1 is kept in a medium of refractive index (μ2).A parallel beam of light is incident on the lens. Draw the path of the rays of light emerging from a lens. If
    (a) μ1 > μ2
    (b) μ1 = μ2
    (c) μ1 < μ2

  10. A concave lens of refractive in μ1 is kept in a medium of refractive index (μ2). A parallel beam of light is incident on the lens. Draw the path of the rays of light emerging from a lens.

  11. Define one joule.

  12. What is meant by thermal expansion?

  13. State Charles's law (or) Write the law of volume.

  14. Name the expansion of volume of a liquid taking into consideration of the expansion of container also.

  15. Air pressure in car tyre increases during driving explain.

  16. Should the resistance of an ammeter be low or high? Give reason.

  17. Derive the equation of Ioule's law of heating.

  18. Two metallic wires A and B are connected in series. Wire A has length l and radius r, while wire B has length 2l and radius 2r. Find the ratio of the total resistance of series combination and the resistance of wire A, if both the wires are of same material.

  19. Twomettalic wires A and Bof same material are connected in parallel. Wire A has length 1 and radius r and wire B has length 2l and radius 2r. Compute the ratio of the total resistance of parallel combination and the resistance of wire A.

  20. V-I graphs for the two wires A and Bare shown in the figure. If we connect both the wires one by one to the same battery, which of the two will produce more heat per unit time? Give justification for your answer.

  21. How does the elastic modulus of the medium affect the velocity of sound?

  22. If the amplitude of a wave is doubled, what will be the loudness?

  23. What does cause the rolling sound of thunder?

  24. What is the difference between wave velocity and particle velocity?

  25. Explain why sound travels faster in warm air than cool air?

  26. Define Curie.

  27. What is meant by leakage of neutrons?

  28. What is Nuclear Fusion?

  29. Can an electron be obtained (or come out) from the nucleus?

  30. Why does a metal bar appear hotter than a wooden bar at the same temperature? Equivalently it also appears cooler than wooden bar if they are both colder than room temperature.

  31. Define atomic mass unit?

  32. What is a hetero atomic molecule? Give two examples

  33. What is a poly atomic molecule?

  34. What are isotopes?

  35. (a) An element shows variable valencies 4 and 6. Write the formulae of its two oxides.
    (b) An element forms an oxide A2O5.
    (i) What is the valency of the element A?
    (ii) What will be the formula of the chloride of the element?

  36. Define metallic radius.

  37. Ionisation energy decreases down the group in periodic table. Give reason.

  38. Give the principle behind hydraulic washing

  39. Give any three uses of aluminium.

  40. What is Galvanization?

  41. Give an example of
    (i) gas in liquid
    (ii) solid in liquid.

  42. Define trinary solution

  43. Hygroscopic substances are used as drying agents. Give some examples

  44. 1. The solubility of sodium chloride in water increases with rise in temperature while that of lithium carbonate decreases. Assign reason.
    2. Water containing 88-8% oxygen and 11-2% hydrogen is often used as a fire extinguisher. Can a mixture containing the two gases in the same ratio by mass be used for extinguishing fire?
    3 The melting point of a solid when determined experimentally comes out to be 160°C. But its actual melting point as given in standard books is 150°C. Predict the nature of the solid.

  45. A house wife churned full cream with a milk churner
    1 What will she observe after churning the milk?
    2. What could be the possible reason for the observation?

  46. What is LPG?

  47. Define a catalyst.

  48. Define ionic product of water

  49. Define irreversible reaction.

  50. Study the given diagram and answer the following questions:
    (a) Write the chemical reaction involved in the process.
    (b) Mention the colour of:
    1. Copper powder and
    2. the substance formed after heating it.
    c) How can wereverse the above reaction? Write the equation for the reverse reaction and state the substance that undergoes oxidation and the substance the undergoes reduction.

  51.  Name the above compound and classify it

  52. What is molasses?

  53. Give any two uses of aldehydes

  54. Give any two applications of ketones in our daily life.

  55. An organic compound A' of molecular formula C2H6O on oxidation with dilute alkaline KMnO4 solution gives an acid 'B' with the same number of carbon atoms. Compound A' is often used for sterilization of skin by doctors. Name the compound. Write the chemical equation involved in the formation of 'B' from A.

  56. Draw diagrams to represent the types of concentric vascular bundles.

  57. What is starch sheath?

  58. Name the internal factors affecting photosynthesis.

  59. List the functions of chloroplast.

  60. (a) What do you infer from this diagram? Identify it.
    (b) Classify the type.
    (c) Give an example

  61. Explain respiratory system of a rabbit

  62. Write a note on the teeth of rabbit

  63. Can leeches cause diseases.

  64. Why does a leech die if you put some salt on it?

  65. Differentiate between blood and lymph.

  66. What is plasmolysis?

  67. Differentiate open type and dosed type of circulation.

  68. Write a few lines about stethoscope.

  69. Identify the following

    (a) Setup.
    (b) Label the parts

  70. Name the parts of a neuron.

  71. What is a neurotransmitter?

  72. Name the cerebral lobes.

  73. Whatis EEG?

  74. Some situations in our day to day life require quick response from our body. Illustrate the sentence with the help of common example.

  75. Mention the physiological effects of Ethylene.

  76. List the functions of adrenal medulla hormones.

  77. Which hormone is known as Stress hormone in plants? Why?

  78. What would happen if the parathyroid gland was removed?

  79. What is gastrulation?

  80. Define menstrual cycle?

  81. Define cross-pollination.

  82. Draw a diagram to show spore formation in Rhizopus.

  83. Mention the post fertilization changes in a flower.

  84. What is nucleolar organizer?

  85. State the law of purity of gametes or the law of segregation

  86. Explain the role of Okazaki fragments

  87. List any three traits of pea plant selected by Mendel for his experiments and mention their dominant & recessive form

  88. Mention the symptoms seen in the case of Down's syndrome

  89. What is theory of Spontaneous generation or Abiogenesis?

  90. Give some examples of vestigial organs in man.

  91. What is Astrobiology / Exobiology?

  92. What is Geologic time scale.

  93. How are variations classified?

  94. How was IR-8 variety produced?

  95. Define mutation.

  96. Name the methods of selection.

  97. Differentiate Embryonic and Adult stem cells.

  98. Write a note on Triticale.

  99. Mention some behavioural changes seen in drug users.

  100. Write the harmful effects of alcohol on health.

  101. Write a note an symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

  102. What is the role of Child Helpline?

  103. Sita's Mother wanted her to carry lunch to her office. Sita does not want to eat lunch since she is obese. Do you agree with Sita.

  104. List uses ofbiogas

  105. List the environmental concerns of shale gas

  106. what are the sources of e-wastes

  107. Mention the advantages of using tidal energy.

  108. What is the role of hydropower plants?

  109. Write the uses of 'Note Pad' and 'Paint' app

  110. If you are an artist, which computer applications will be relevant for you?

  111. Which is important - Hardware or Software?


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