Creative Important 4 Marks Questions

10th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 288

    Part A

    72 x 4 = 288
  1. What are the concepts prepared by Galileo?

  2. Give the application of torque.

  3. Give examples for Newton's third law.

  4. Derive the Relation between g and G?

  5. Discuss the apparent weight of a man in lift?

  6. State the laws of refraction.

  7. Explain Raman Scattering.

  8. Write the sign convention for lenses.

  9. Explain the Sign Conventions of lenses.

  10. Explain the working of the eye.

  11. Explain the construction of Simple Microscope and derive its magnification power.

  12. Explain the types of Telescope.

  13. Explain the refraction of light through a glass prism.

  14. Define and describe thermal expansion.

  15. With an illustration, explain the method of Calculation for linear expansion of an object.

  16. With an illustration, explain the method of Calculation for arial expansion of an object.

  17. With an illustration, explain the method of Calculation for cubical expansion of an object.

  18. State and explain Boyle's law.

  19. Water boils in an electric kettle in 15 mins. after switching on. If the length of the heating wire is decreased to \(\frac{1}{3}\) of its initial value, then in how much time will the same amount of water boil with the same supply voltage?

  20. Write any five electrical components used in electrical circuit and draw its symbol.

  21. Kalaivani was watching at a metal pipe, one end of which is connected to a tank at the top of her building and the other end to the tap, which is near the ground level. She was admiring how the water flows from top to the bottom through the pipe. She went and asked her mother, who was an engineer.
    (i) Also Kalaivani asked her mother that can she able to compare this with any other scientific concepts?
    (ii) How would her mother have compared
    the resistance in a water pipe as well as in a conductor.
    (iii) Give the expression for resistors connected in series and parallel.

  22. Write the applications of echo.

  23. What are the various possibilities of relative motion between source and listener?

  24. Write the applications of Doppler effect.

  25. Explain the principle & structure of atom bomb.

  26. Distinguish between Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

  27. What are the precautions to be taken by people working in radiation labs?

  28. Give the applications of Avogadro's hypothesis.

  29. How will you determine the atomicity of gases using Avogadro's hypothesis?

  30. Distinguish ore from a mineral.

  31. How is zinc blende concentrated? Explain it with a neat diagram

  32. Redraw and label the diagram. Then answer the following questions.

    (a) What process does the diagram represent?
    (b) Why does the graphite rod need to be replaced often?
    (c) Give reason for the melting point of the electrolyte.
    (d) Write the overall equation of this process.

  33. Explain Solid solution, Liquid solution and Gaseous solution.

  34. Write some solubility substances in water at 25°C.

  35. Explain the classification based on the direction of the reaction.

  36. Write the characteristics of organic compounds.

  37. How will you classify hydrocarbonsf

  38. How to identify saturated and unsaturated compounds?

  39. Fermentation is a process applicable of Bakery and Breweries. What is the scientific explanation for this?

  40. Why is a dicot leaf described as dorsiventral?

  41. Can Human beings survive with anaerobic respiration - Justify.

  42. Describe the heart of rabbit

  43. Man is a mammal and has incisors and Ecanine.Rabbits are mammals but lack  canines. Explain.

  44. Is hirudin used in medical science

  45. Write a note an ABO blood grouping.

  46. List the difference between RBC and WBC.

  47. List the function of cerebrospinal fluid.

  48. Rani fell from her bike and had a head injury. She was hospitalized and discharged later. What do you think she could have done to save herself from this accident.

  49. 'A' contains a cerebrospinal fluid filled cavity known as 'B'. How many nerves are produced from A.
    (i) What isA?
    (ii) What is 'B'?

  50. Write a note on Thyroid Dysfunctions.

  51. Describe the role of pancreas in maintenance of blood sugarlevel.

  52. Name the pituitary hormones) and on the target tissues? How does it exert its action.

  53. Describe the structure of human sperm.

  54. Government has brought in lot of measures to focus on health of a pregnant woman. Answer the following questions based on the same
    (a) Name the tissue responsible for transfer of nutrients from mother to the offspring during pregnancy.
    (b) Suggest two measures to maintain a woman's health during pregnancy.

  55. Arun and Ram were good friends. But Ram slowly started loosing interest in studies as they grew up. The teacher found out that Ram had three siblings and their parents could not give him good food or personal care. What value does this episode give us.

  56. How are chromosomes classified based on the position of centromere?

  57. Write a note on DNA replication.

  58. Mala had a huge scar on her cheek after she met with fire accident during her college days. She is worried ifher baby would inherit the scar she had acquired. She clarified with her doctor, she need not worry about it, as her scar is an acquired trait.
    (i) What are acquired traits?
    (ii) How is it different from inherited traits?

  59. Write a note on evidences from Morphology and Anatomy in favour of Evolution.

  60. Explain Use and Disuse theory.

  61. X is the oldest fossil bird. The animal X became extinct a long time ago. But the study of fossils of
    X tells us that it had features like birds and some like reptiles.
    (i) Identify 'X'?
    (ii) Name one feature in which 'X' resembled birds.
    (iii) Name one feature in which 'X' resembled reptiles.

  62. Write a note an selection.

  63. Plants seeds got from other countries are tested in plant quarantine. Reason out.

  64. A farmer has lot of banana trees in his form. He wishes to go in for selection to improve the crop. Which method can he adopt in banana?

  65. Write a note an smoking hazards and effects of Tobacco.

  66. Write a note on Obesity.

  67. Ramu studies in a school and his friends are discussing about drugs. They force him to use drugs and threaten to avoid him / harm him if he refuses. What should Ramu do?

  68. Write a note an wind energy

  69. Explain the waste water treatment process

  70. Afamily has 3 three cars and can afford to buy fuel. They prefer to go out independently. Is it right to suggest car pooling for such people. Justify.

  71. Explain in detail the uses and main parts of the 'SCRATCH' animation software

  72. In a biology period, the teacher drew the heart of rabbit on the board and explained its structure and functions. After the class, your friend told you that he finds it difficult to understand the concept and felthe wanted a detailed explanation.
    (i) In what way the teaching can be made easily understandable?
    (ii) Do you think using technologies like Visual Communication help students to understand the difficult concepts in a simple way?
    (iii) By what means the Visual Communication improve the learning ability?


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