Health and Diseases Four and Seven Marks Questions

10th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 55
    5 x 4 = 20
  1. Write a note an smoking hazards and effects of Tobacco.

  2. Write a note an prevention and control of AIDS.

  3. Write a note on Obesity.

  4. What is diabetes? Explain the types.

  5. Ramu studies in a school and his friends are discussing about drugs. They force him to use drugs and threaten to avoid him / harm him if he refuses. What should Ramu do?

  6. 5 x 7 = 35
  7. Suggest measures to overcome the problems of an alcoholic.

  8. Changes in lifestyle is a risk factor for occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Can it be modified ? If yes, suggest measures for prevention.

  9. What is the role of fat in the cause of atherosclerosis ?

  10. Eating junk food and consuming soft drinks results in health problems like obesity, still children prefer. What are the suggestions you would give to avoid children eating junk food/ consumption of soft drinks?

  11. Regular physical exercise is advisable for normal functioning of human body. What are the advantages of practising exercise in daily life?


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