Creative Questions Part-VI

10th Standard EM

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100


    15 x 1 = 15
  1. _________ Was the American President when USA declared war against Germany in 1917.




    Abraham Lincoln


    F.D Roosevelt


    John F. Kennedy

  2. After the I World war, the situation was made worse by the political complication caused by the ________


    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk


    Treaty of Bucharest


    Treaty of Versailles


    Treaty of London

  3. A Major outcome of the Holocaust was the creation of the state of ______________ as a homeland for the jews.









  4. _______________ is an umbrella political organization representing the World's Palestinians.








    Arab League

  5. ____________ organised in campaign for legislation against the practice of child marriage in Mumbai.


    Behrramji Malabari


    Furdunji Naoroji


    Pherozeshah Mehta


    Dinshaw Wacha

  6. Dihang is a gorge in __________








    Arunachal Pradesh

  7. There are ____________ National parks and ___________ wildlife sanctuaries created across India









  8. Watering of plants through artificial means _____________.


    Soil erosion


    Soil conservation




    None of these

  9. One of the organisation associated with minerals in India is and Geological survey of India and its headquarters is at_______









  10. The Konkan Railways connects Roha in____________to Mangaluru__________.


    Goa, Karnataka


    Maharashtra, Kerala


    Maharashtra, Goa


    Maharashtra, Karnataka

  11. Incase of conflict between the law of the State and the Union, on the subject in the concurrent list, the law of________ prevails.


    Supreme Court




    State Government


    High Court

  12. The Lok Sabha enjoys a term of________years from the date of its first session









  13. __________was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1947 - 1949.


    Thiru. C.N. Annadurai


    Thiru. O.P. Ramaswamy


    Thiru. K. Kamaraj


    Thiru. C. Rajagopalachari

  14. CSo Stands for


    Central Statistical Organisation


    Circle Statistical Organisation


    Central Sampling Organisation



  15. Multinational corporation is otherwise known as _________


    Transnational Corporation (TNC


    Multinational Enterprise (MNE)


    Both ca' and 'b'



  16. Part-B

    16 x 2 = 32
  17. Write a note on the Tsar's abortive attempts for peace.

  18. How was president Theodore Roosevelts attitude to Latin American countries summed up!

  19. What did the end of World War II signal to the world?

  20. What led to the demolition of the Berlin Wall?

  21. Who founded the Nirankari Movement and what were his teachings?

  22. Write any two points of importance of Himalayas.

  23. Write a note on Convention on Biological Diversity.

  24. What are the main problems of the Indian soils?

  25. Name the important thermal power centers of Tamil Nadu

  26. Name the human development indicators

  27. When can the President declare a State Emergency?

  28. What is the maximum number of Ministers that can be appointed as per our Constitution?

  29. What is Court of Record?

  30. what are the factors supporting to develop the Indian economy

  31. What is Gross National Product?

  32. Write a Short note on Proto Globalization?

  33. Part-C

    10 x 1 = 10
  34. The period from 1867 to 1912 is known as___________.


    Meiji Era

  35. _______________ renouncing the claim to the Portuguese throne declared the independence of Brazil.


    Pedro I

  36. The joint declaration issued by the US and Britain in 1941 is known as the ______________


    Atlantic Charter

  37. ____________ was elected as the first President of the State of Palestine in 1989.


    Yasser Arafat

  38. The ideas of Ayya Vaikuntha Swamigal are collected into a text called ____________


    Akila Thirattu

  39. For the first time, the President s Rule was imposed in ________ in 1951.



  40. The impeachment of the President must be supported by not less than ________of the total strength of the house.



  41. The cabinet works through various committees called__________


    cabinet committees

  42. NNP=_________


    GNP - Depreciation

  43. _________become channels through which Indian culture was exported to other lands


    Trade guilds

  44. Part-D

    15 x 1 = 15
  45. German Army

  46. (1)

    1791 - 1804

  47. Toussiant Louverture

  48. (2)


  49. El Alamein

  50. (3)


  51. Negev

  52. (4)

    North Africa

  53. Ramalinga Adigal

  54. (5)

    Southern Israel

  55. Vembanad lake

  56. (6)

    1984 - 89

  57. World Forest Day

  58. (7)


  59. Brown revolution

  60. (8)

    Leather / Cocoa

  61. Iron ore

  62. (9)

    Varanasi to Kanyakumari

  63. NH 7

  64. (10)

    1,00,000 men

  65. Original Constitution

  66. (11)

    Popular house

  67. Rajiv Gandhi

  68. (12)

    Calicut on 1498

  69. Legislative Assembly

  70. (13)

    italic style

  71. 2nd rank in GDP

  72. (14)

    Tamil Nadu

  73. Vasco da Gama

  74. (15)

    21st March


    4 x 2 = 8
  75. River Ganga and Brahmaputra

  76. Loo and Norwesters.

  77. Bhangar and Khadar

  78. State Highways and National Highways

  79. Part-F

    1 x 1 = 1
  80. (i) By the end of Second World War, Viet Minh controlled the northern half of Vietnam.
    (ii) In March 1946, the French and Viet Minh's government reached an agreement by which North Vietnam was to be a free state.
    (iii) The problem of Indo-China soon became involved in the cold war. I
    (iv) The French were receiving considerable financial aid from Russia, the Viet Minh were helped by the new Chinese government.
    (a) (i) and (ii) are correct
    (b) (ii), (iii) and (iv) are correct
    (c) (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct
    (d) (ii) and (iv) are correct

  81. Part-G

    14 x 5 = 70
  82. What was the outcome of the Russian Revolution?

  83. Give an account of Boer Wars.

  84. What were the causes for the failure of the League of Nations.

  85. Given an account of the communist Victory over China.

  86. Give an account of Narayana Guru's life and teachings.

  87. Describe peninsular plateau.

  88. Explain about any two factors affecting the climate of India.

  89. Major issues faced by farmers in India.

  90. Automobile and Electronic Industry

  91. Explain the importance of mass communications systems in India.

  92. Explain the List of fundamental duties. (Any eight).

  93. Give a detailed account of the classification of the Council of Ministers based on ranks.

  94. Explain the limitations of GDP

  95. Write the negative impact of Globalization

  96. Part-H

    5 x 8 = 40
  97. League of Nations.
    (a) Where was the covenant of the league worked out?
    (b) Name the bodies of the League?
    (c) What was the executive of the League?
    (d) Which countries were the permanent members of the council?

  98. Stock market crash in the US.
    (a) When did the American stock market crash?
    (b) How did it impact the investors and customers?
    (c) What was the effect of stoppage of loans to Germany by America?
    (d) What did England decide to do after the crash?

  99. Outbreak of World War II.
    (a) When did Britain and France Declare war on Germany.
    (b) Name the' countries in the Axis powers in 1940.
    (c) How were the first years of the war.
    (d) Name the tactic followed by German army to storm other countries.

  100. Fall of Berlin Wall and End of Cold War Era.
    (a) How did West Germany's economy become prosperous?
    (b) Why did people in East Berlin try to move to West Berlin?
    (c) Why did East Germany begin to construct a wall in 1961?
    (d) What was the significance of the Berlin Wall?

  101. Iyothee Thassar
    (a) What languages was Iyothee Thassar fluent in?
    (b) What were the movement and magazine started by Iyothee Thassar and John Rathinam called?
    (c) What according to him would liberate the people?
    (d) How did he consider the 'Untouchables'?


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