Book back Important 2 Marks Questions

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 152

    Part A

    76 x 2 = 152
  1. How do you assess the importance of Sino-Japanese War?

  2. Name the countries in the Triple Entente.

  3. What were the three militant forms of nationalism in Europe?

  4. What was the result of Mussolini’s march on Rome?

  5. How did Great Depression impact on the Indian agriculture?

  6. Explain the reason for the Smuts–Herzog alliance

  7. Who were the three prominent dictators of the post World War I?

  8. How did Hitler get the support from the people of Germany?

  9. Name the Bretton Woods Twins.

  10. Explain how in 1928 Kuomintung and Chiang-Kai Shek established Central Government in China.

  11. Write a note on Mao’s Long March.

  12. Write a note on Third World Countries.

  13. What was the impact of Swami Vivekananda’s activist ideology?

  14. What are the differences between Reformist Movements and Revival Movements?

  15. What was the impact of IyotheeThassar’s visit to SriLanka?

  16. Name the neighbouring countries of India.

  17. Write a short note on Deccan Plateau.

  18. Write a brief note on the island group of Lakshadweep

  19. Write a short note on ‘Monsoon wind’.

  20. Name the trees of tropical evergreen forest.

  21. What is ‘Project Tiger’?

  22. State any two characteristics of black cotton soil.

  23. Name the seasons of agriculture in India?

  24. Write a brief note on the categories of fisheries in India?

  25. Define the resource and state its types.

  26. Name the different types of coal with their carbon content.

  27. Mention the major areas of jute production in India.

  28. What is Human Development?

  29. What is migration? State its types.

  30. Write any four advantages of railways.

  31. What is national emergency?

  32. List out the three heads of the relations between the Centre and the States.

  33. Write a short note on Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

  34. List out any two special powers of the Attorney General of India?

  35. What is the importance of the Governor of a state?

  36. What do you understand by the “Appellate Jurisdiction” of the High Court?

  37. Define National income.

  38. Define the value-added approach with example.

  39. Write the name of economic policies in India.

  40. What is globalization?

  41. Write short note on Multinational corporation.

  42. Write any two positive impact of Globalization.

  43. What were the duties of the Palayakkarars?

  44. What was the bone of contention between the Company and Kottabomman?

  45. Point out the importance of the Treaty of 1801.

  46. How are the peasant uprisings in British India classified?

  47. What do you mean by drain of wealth?

  48. Highlight the objectives of Home Rule Movement

  49. Describe the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

  50. Write a note on the Khilafat Movement.

  51. What was the conflict between the Swarajists and no - changers?

  52. Write briefly on EVR’s contribution to the constructive programme?

  53. Why was anti-Hindi agitation popular?

  54. Write a note on Tamil Renaissance.

  55. Highlight the contribution of Caldwell for the cause of South Indian languages.

  56. State the boundaries of Tamil Nadu.

  57. Name the major islands of Tamil Nadu.

  58. Name the tributaries of river Thamirabarani

  59. Why is Coimbatore called the Manchester of Tamil Nadu?

  60. Name the important multipurpose projects of Tamil Nadu.

  61. What is MRTS?

  62. What is foreign policy?

  63. Explain India’s nuclear policy.

  64. Differentiate: Domestic policy and Foreign policy

  65. Write a short note on Strategic partnetship Agreement (SPA).

  66. How do you assess the importance of Chabahar agreement?

  67. What is the role of Japan India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM)?

  68. What are the basic three components of of food and nutrition security?

  69. What are the main objectivies of the new Agricultural Policy?

  70. Write some name of the nutrition programmes in Tamil Nadu.

  71. Write the canons of tax system?

  72. Write short note on Goods and Service Tax.

  73. What is meant by black money?

  74. What is meant by an industrial cluster?

  75. What are the problems of industrialization currently in Tamil Nadu?

  76. What is Entrepreneurship?


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