Book back Important 5 Marks Questions

10th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 400

    Part A

    81 x 5 = 405
  1. Discuss the main causes of the First World War.

  2. Highlight the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles relating to Germany.

  3. Explain the course of the Russian Revolution under the leadership of Lenin.

  4. Trace the circumstances that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany.

  5. Attempt a narrative account of how the process of decolonization happened in India during the inter-war period (1919-39).

  6. Describe the rise and growth of nationalist politics in South Africa.

  7. Attempt an essay on the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler.

  8. Analyse the effects of the World War II.

  9. Assess the structure and the activities of the UN.

  10. Estimate the role of Mao Tse tung in making China a communist country.

  11. Attempt an essay on the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973.

  12. Narrate the history of transformation of Council of Europe into an European Union.

  13. Compare and contrast the contributions of Revivalist Movements with that of Reform Movements.

  14. Discuss the circumstances that led to the Reform movements of 19th century.

  15. Evaluate the contributions of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda to regenerate Indian society.

  16. Explain the divisions of Northern Mountains and its importance to India.

  17. Give an account on the major peninsular rivers of India.

  18. Give a detailed account on the basin of the Ganga.

  19. Write about South West Monsoon.

  20. Describe the forests of India.

  21. Write the names of biosphere reserves and their location in India.

  22. State any five types of soil in India and explain the characteristics and distribution of soil.

  23. What is Multipurpose projects and write about any two Multipurpose projects of India.

  24. Bring out the characteristics of Intensive and Plantation farming.

  25. Write about the distribution of cotton textile industries in India.

  26. Explain the factors responsible for the concentration of jute industries in the hoogly region.

  27. Write an account on the major iron and steel industries of India.

  28. Bring out the distribution and density of population in India.

  29. Explain the process of measuring Human Development.

  30. Classify and explain the roadways in India.

  31. Explain the salient features of the Constitution of India.

  32. Write briefly on the Right to Constitutional Remedies.

  33. Mention the differences between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy.

  34. Describe the Executive and Judicial powers of the President of India.

  35. Explain any three Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India?

  36. Critically examine the Powers and Functions of the Parliament.

  37. What are the powers and functions of the Chief Minister?

  38. Describe the various powers and functions of the Governor.

  39. Briefly discuss the Functions of the State Legislature.

  40. Briefly explain various terms associated with measuring of national income.

  41. Write about the composition of GDP in India.

  42. Explain the following the economic policies
    1. Agricultural Policy
    2. Industrial policy
    3. New economic policy

  43. Write briefly the history of globalization.

  44. Explain the trade and traders in south India.

  45. Write the challenges of Globalization.

  46. Attempt an essay of the heroic fight Veerapandya Kattabomman conducted against the East India Company

  47. Highlight the tragic fall of Sivagangai and its outcome.

  48. Account for the outbreak of Vellore Revolt in 1806.

  49. Discuss the causes of the Revolt of 1857?

  50. How did the people of Bengal respond to the Partition of Bengal (1905)?

  51. Attempt a narrative account of how Tilak and Annie Besant by launching Home Rule Movement sustained the Indian freedom struggle after 1916?

  52. Examine the factors that led to the transformation of Gandhi into a mass leader.

  53. Critically examine the Civil Disobedience Movement as the typical example of Gandhian movement.

  54. Discuss the reasons behind the partition of India.

  55. Discuss the response to Swadeshi Movement in Tamil Nadu

  56. Examine the origin and growth of Non-Brahmin Movement in Tamil Nadu.

  57. Describe the role of Tamil Nadu in the Civil Disobedience Movement.

  58. Attempt an essay on the foundation and development of Tamil Renaissance in the 19th Century

  59. Describe the background for the formation of the Justice Party and point out its contribution to the cause of social justice.

  60. Estimate Periyar E.V.R’s decisive contribution to the social transformation of Tamil Nadu.

  61. Write an account on river Cauvery.

  62. Explain the characteristic features of summer and winter seasons of Tamil Nadu.

  63. Bring out the types and distribution of soils in Tamil Nadu.

  64. Write about the plantation farming of Tamil Nadu.

  65. Give an account on water resources of Tamil Nadu.

  66. State the densely populated regions of Tamil Nadu and account for its high density.

  67. Write a detailed note on Non-alignment.

  68. Discuss the core determinants of India’s foreign policy?

  69. Make any two basic concepts followed by India to maintain friendly relations with its neighbours.

  70. Highlight India and International organisation with special reference to any three India’s global groupings.

  71. Trace the reason for the formation of BRICS and write its objectives.

  72. Mention OPEC missions and how does it help other countries?

  73. Explain Minimum Support Price.

  74. Elaborate the Public Distribution System.

  75. Write briefly some of the important objectives of India’s agricultural policy.

  76. Briefly explain the role of government in development policies

  77. What is black money? Write the causes of black money.

  78. Explain the role of taxation in economic development.

  79. What are the important characteristics of successful industrial clusters?

  80. Write in detail about the types of policies adopted by the Tamil Nadu government to industrialise.

  81. Explain the role of Entreprenuer?


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