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3 Marks Revision Test

11th Standard

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Answer all the questions 

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 75
    25 x 3 = 75
  1. What is role of Sangam in trade development of ancient Tamil nadu?

  2. Explain the concept of 'Business'.

  3. Write any three characteristics of commerce.

  4. Write any three characteristics of Sole Proprietorship?

  5. What is the meaning of Partnership Deed?

  6. Write a note on co-operative forming societies.

  7. What are the disadvantages of MNC's?

  8. List the names of some enterprises under the public sector and classify them.

  9. Mention the importance of Banking Services.

  10. What is E-Banking?

  11. Differentiate warehouse warrant from warehouse receipt.

  12. What is charter party?

  13. Describe the Benefit of Logistics.

  14. What are the Benefits derived by employee of a Socially Responsible business enterprise?

  15. What are the benefits of Corporate Governance to Share holders?

  16. State any three features of GDR.

  17. Explain any three features of self help group

  18. Explain the types of Mercantile Agents

  19. What is meant by 'Mail order retailing'?

  20. Write a short note on Mate's Receipt.

  21. What are the criticism of World Bank?

  22. Define a voidable contract.

  23. Who can execute and perform a contract?

  24. What is Gross Total Income?

  25. Write any two differences between direct taxes and indirect taxes.


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