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Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. What is meant by Nallangadi?

  2. Define Commerce.

  3. Who is a Sleeping or Dormant partner?

  4. What is meant by Limited liability?

  5. In low taxes possible in Co-operative Society?

  6. Give two examples of MNC

  7. State the form of public enterprises which is most suitable for projects related to National Security.

  8. Briefly explain about Central Bank.

  9. Briefly explain about Correspondent banks?

  10. What are Commercial Banks?

  11. What are all the activities engaged by Micro enterprises?

  12. What do you mean by B2B transactions?

  13. Enumerate the types of Retail Trade.

  14. Who is called Peddlers?

  15. Describe the seconds shops.

  16. What is Franchising?

  17. What do you mean by Export Trading House?

  18. wpat is the difference between documents against acceptance and documents against payment?

  19. IMP. World Bank and SAARC major role in international business

  20. Balance of Payment is key to economic development.

  21. Who is an Alien Enemy?

  22. What are the kinds of reciprocal promises?

  23. What do you mean by discharge of a contract?

  24. What is Applicability of Income Tax?

  25. What are the list of indirect taxes before GST regions?


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