Important Question paper 2mark

11th Standard

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Time : 00:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 40


    Answer any 20 of the following

    22 x 2 = 44
  1. What is meant by Allangadi?

  2. What was advocated by Kautilya?

  3. Who is a Minor?

  4. Mention any four kinds of Partners?

  5. Define Multinational Company.

  6. "MNC promote alien culture in host country" Justify.

  7. List any five important types of life policies.

  8. How is Insurable Interest applied to various types of Insurance?

  9. How do you classify Trade?

  10. Where does Internal Trade takes place?

  11. What is meant by Import Trade?

  12. What is Licensing?

  13. What is Income Tax?

  14. What is meant by previous year?

  15. Define the term person?

  16. Define the term assessee?

  17. What is an assessment year?

  18. Why Income tax is called as direct tax?

  19. Define the term Income.

  20. State any four deductions allowable from gross total income under section 80 C?

  21. What do you mean by Tax?

  22. What is the reason for collecting tax?


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