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Model paper

11th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100


    Answer any 20 of the following

    22 x 2 = 44
  1. What is meant by Allangadi?

  2. What was advocated by Kautilya in Arthasasthra with regard to trade?

  3. Who is called a Partner?

  4. What is the meaning of Ancestral Property?

  5. Define Multinational Company.

  6. "MNC promote alien culture in host country" Justify.

  7. What is health insurance?

  8. What is the difference between Life, Fire and Marine Insurance on the basis of Subject matter?

  9. What is Import trade?

  10. Where does Internal Trade takes place?

  11. What is meant by Entrepot Trade?

  12. How does international business help to rise standard of living of a nation?

  13. What is Income Tax?

  14. What is meant by previous year?

  15. Define the term person?

  16. Define the term assessee?

  17. What is an assessment year?

  18. Why Income tax is called as direct tax?

  19. Define the term Income.

  20. State any four deductions allowable from gross total income under section 80 C?

  21. What do you mean by Tax?

  22. What is the reason for collecting tax?

  23. Part-B

    Answer any 20 of the following

    21 x 3 = 63
  24. What are the ports developed by Pandiya Kingdom?

  25. What are all the conditions under Barter System worked on?

  26. Explain the nature of liability of Karta.

  27. If it is possible in dissolution of Joint Hindu Family business?

  28. What are the advantages of MNC's?

  29. Write a note on IRDAI.

  30. What is Fire Insurance? What are its features.

  31. State the meaning of Retail trade.

  32. Write a short note on Entrepot Trade:

  33. What are the limitations of international business?

  34. What are all the routes of International Business before 18th century?

  35. What is Gross Total Income?

  36. List out the five heads of income.

  37. Write a note on Agricultural Income.

  38. What do you mean by Total Income?

  39. Write short notes on :
    1. Direct Tax
    2. Indirect Tax.

  40. Write short notes on CBDT.

  41. State slab rate for an individual asper the assessment year 2018-19 under income tax act?

  42. Who do income tax is treated as annual tax?

  43. What are all the tax rates prescribed for LTCG, STCG and lottery income?

  44. What do you mean by previous year?


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