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Presentation-Basics Two Marks Questions

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Applications

Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. What is the difference between a slide and a slideshow?

  2. How many in-built slide layouts does impress consist of?

  3. What do you understand by a presentation?

  4. Define a template in Impress.

  5. What do you understand by the slide layout?

  6. What do you understand by a slide?

  7. Out of the following external file(s) which one(s), which help you include sound in your presentation: JPEG, WAY, GIF, BMP, MP3

  8. Devi has created a presentation based on "Trends of Wireless Communication", she wants to add header, footer, slide numbers in presentation. Which menu option she click on?

  9. In which menu option is the picture sub menu option present?

  10. What is presentation software?

  11. What does presentation software includes?

  12. Name few presentation software.

  13. How will you start open office impress.

  14. How will you create a presentation using templates?

  15. What are the three parts of the main impress window?


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