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Full Portion Three Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Science

Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60
    20 x 3 = 60
  1. What is an input device? Give two examples.

  2. Write short note on impact printer.

  3. Differentiate PROM and EPROM

  4. Write a note on RISC processor.

  5. Why the operating system is needed?

  6. Are there any difficulties you face while using Ubuntu? If so, mention it with reasons.

  7. Write a note on desktop.

  8. Draw the diagram of overview of an operating system.

  9. How is state represented in algorithms?

  10. Differentiate initial and final state of an algorithm.

  11. Write an algorithm to find the minimum of two number.

  12. How will you solve a problem using recursion?

  13. Differentiate “=” and “==”.

  14. Why the following identifiers are invalid? Give reason
    (i) num-add
    (ii) This
    (iii) 2myfile

  15. Write a C++ program to find sum of any 5 numbers.

  16. Which function is used to convert the given character into its uppercase? Give example.

  17. Write about objects.

  18. What is function signature?

  19. Differentiate Spyware and Ransomware.

  20. Write a short note on Tamil in internet.


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