Important Question paper

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Science

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50

    Part A

    Answer all the following questions

    5 x 1 = 5
  1. Identify the input device _____









  2. NLP is a component of _____


    Expert systems




    Parallel computing


    Artificial Intelligence

  3. Android is a ________


    Mobile Operating system


    Open Source


    Developed by Google


    All the above

  4. Which memory management technique does not provide the program with a "linear and contiguous address space"?









  5. Which of the following describes a test of the statement?









  6. Part B

    Answer all the following questions

    9 x 2 = 18
  7. What is the function of an ALU?

  8. Name the First generation computers.

  9. What is multi-processing?

  10. What do you mean by task in Single user OS? Give example.

  11. Both conditional statement and iterative statement have a condition and a statement. How do they differ?

  12. What is a Flow-chart?

  13. What is the output of the following code?
    for (int i=2; i < =10 ; i + =2)
    cout << i;

  14. What is Strings?

  15. How is encapsulation and abstraction are interrelated?

  16. Part C

    Answer all the following questions

    9 x 3 = 27
  17. Write short note on impact printer.

  18. Differentiate Dot Matrix Printer and Laser Printer.

  19. Explain the process management algorithms in Operating System

  20. What is an operating system and how are they classified based on Interaction?

  21. If C is false in line 2, trace the control flow in this algorithm.
    1 S1
    2 -- C is false
    3 if C
    4 S2
    5 else
    6 S3
    7 S4

  22. What are the compound statements?

  23. Write a short program to print following series:
    (a) 1 4 7 10...... 40

  24. What is called nested structure. Give example

  25. List some of the features of modular programming


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