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Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. What are goods?

  2. Differ Economic Goods with free goods.

  3. What is Income?

  4. Explain the following concepts of Total utility.

  5. Define Labour.

  6. What are the benefits using ecnomics of scale in the production process?

  7. What do you mean by fixed cost?

  8. What is Economic cost?

  9. What do you mean by interest?

  10. According to classical theory, how is equilibrium interest rate determined?

  11. Give the meaning of non-renewable energy.

  12. What is Deforestation?

  13. List out the weaknesses on Green Revolution.

  14. What are the classification of public sector banks?

  15. Write three policy initiative introduced in 1991 - 92 to correct the fiscal imbalance.

  16. What is "EXIM POLICY (2015 - 2020)"?

  17. What is the meaning of liberalisation?

  18. What is meant by Disguised Unemployment?

  19. What was called as PURA by former President Abdul Kalam

  20. What are major ports in Tamil Nadu?

  21. What do you mean by life expectancy?

  22. Give an account of Urbanisation in Tamil Nadu.

  23. What is the formula for elasticity of supply if you know the supply function?

  24. What is the slope of the function \(y={ 5 }x^{ 4 }\) when x=10?

  25. Briefly Explain 'Determinants'.


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