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Full Portion Three Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60
    20 x 3 = 60
  1. What are the main features of Indian Middle Palaeolithic age?

  2. Explain the distinct features of the Mesolithic cultures.

  3. What are the border settlements of the Indus civilisation?

  4. Analyse the factors responsible for the rise of towns and cities in the Ganges Plains.

  5. Mention some of the rising towns and cities in the aftermath of second urbanization.

  6. Explain the features of the monarchies or kingdoms on the Gangetic plains.

  7. Discuss the extensive trade on textiles carried on during the Mauryan period.

  8. Karikala as the greatest of early Chola rulers.

  9. Distinction between Khizhar and Velir.

  10. What do you know of Menander?

  11. Explain the importance of money as medium of exchange.

  12. Write a note on Raziya sultanate.

  13. Why did the Pandyaswent to Lanka?

  14. Name the revolt ofthe government?

  15. What are the terms used by muslim saints?

  16. Write a note about Battle of Chanderi?

  17. Write the types of cavalry?

  18. Who are many impoverished peasants and weavers?

  19. How did the Kongu region passed into the hands of the English

  20. Write about Swami Vivekanauda


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