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Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Write a short note on hominin?

  2. How is the Harappan culture divided into various phases?

  3. Name few the Middle Palaeolithic sites found in India.

  4. What happened after the decline of Indus valley civilization?

  5. What do you know about Jana and janapadas?

  6. What is meant by the term Yavana?

  7. Why did Heliodorus, sended Antiacidas from his court?

  8. Write a note on the palas?

  9. Mahmud becoming the ruler of Ghazni

  10. Write about Burghra Khan?

  11. Write a short note on Sangam, the Tamil academy.

  12. Write a note about the Pandyas trading all over the world?

  13. What were Ramananda’s teachings?

  14. Write the rise of syncretic sects?

  15. Which is called the epitome of Mughal architecture? Explain its structure.

  16. Who is called as Madad -i-Mash?

  17. What marked the climax of the Maratha military might?

  18. What happened after the death of Madhay Rao II?

  19. Island of Bombay

  20. Distinction between ‘Presidency’ and ‘Province’.

  21. Name the Regions where enormous labours got?

  22. What do you know of “Pagoda”?

  23. What are the major forts of Puli Thevar?

  24. Why was the Shuddi Movement considered a revivalist movement ?

  25. Who are the members of the Prarthana Samaj?


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