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Properties of Matter Three Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 30
    10 x 3 = 30
  1. A solid sphere has a radius of 1.5 cm and a mass of 0.038 kg. Calculate the specific gravity or relative density of the sphere.

  2. Two pistons of a hydraulic lift have diameters of 60 cm and 5 cm. What is the force exerted by the larger piston when 50 N is placed on the smaller piston?

  3. A cube of wood floating in water supports a 300 g mass at the centre of its top face. When the mass is removed, the cube rises by 3 cm. Determine the volume of the cube.

  4. A metal plate of area 2.5×10-4m2 is placed on a 0.25×10-3m thick layer of castor oil. If a force of 2.5 N is needed to move the plate with a velocity 3×10-2m s-1, calculate the coefficient of viscosity of castor oil.
    Given: A=2.5×10-4 m2, dx = 0.25×10-3m, F=2.5N and dv = 3×10-2 m s-1

  5. Let 2.4×10−4 J of work is done to increase the area of a film of soap bubble from 50 cm2 to 100 cm2. Calculate the value of surface tension of soap solution.

  6. If excess pressure is balanced by a column of oil (with specific gravity 0.8) 4 mm high, where R = 2.0 cm, find the surface tension of the soap bubble

  7. Water rises in a capillary tube to a height of 2.0cm. How much will the water rise through another capillary tube whose radius is one-third of the first tube?

  8. Mercury has an angle of contact equal to 140° with soda lime glass. A narrow tube of radius 2 mm, made of this glass is dipped in a trough containing mercury. By what amount does the mercury dip down in the tube relative to the liquid surface outside?. Surface tension of mercury T=0.456 N m-1; Density of mercury \(\rho\) = 13.6 × 103 kg m-3

  9. In a normal adult, the average speed of the blood through the aorta (radius r = 0.8 cm) is 0.33 ms-1. From the aorta, the blood goes into major arteries, which are 30 in number, each of radius 0.4 cm. Calculate the speed of the blood through the arteries

  10. Explain why:
    (a) a body with large reflectivity is a poor emitter.
    (b) a brass tumbler feels much colder than wooden tray on a chilly day.


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