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11th Standard Biology Important 3 Mark Question with Answers

11th Standard

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  1. Write the distinguishing features of Monera.

  2. Do you think shape of chloroplast is unique for algae? Justify your answer.

  3. Differentiate between aggregate fruit with multiple fruit.

  4. Distinguish between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

  5. Describe the types of RNA.

  6. Differentiate between probiotics and pathogenic bacteria.

  7. Compare Schizocoelom with enterocoelom.

  8. List the unique features of bird's endoskeleton.

  9. Differentiate between male and female cockroach?

  10. How do proteins differ from fats in their energy value and their role in the body?

  11. Explain the conditions which creates problems in oxygen transport.

  12. Which of these functions could or could not be carried out by a red blood cell? Briefly justify your answer.
    a. Protein synthesis
    b. Cell division
    c. Lipid synthesis
    d. Active transport


    Protein synthesis


    Cell division


    Lipid synthesis


    Active transport

  13. Identify the biological term
    Excretion, glomerulus, urinary bladder, glomerular filtrate, ureters,urine, Bowman’s capsule, urinary system, reabsorption, micturition, osmosis, proteins.
    a. A liquid which gathers in the bladder.
    b. Produced when blood is filtered in a Bowman’s capsule.
    c. Temporary storage of urine.
    d. A ball of inter twined capillaries.
    e. Removal of unwanted substances from the body.
    f. Each contains a glomerulus.
    g. Carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
    h. Scientific term for urination.
    i. Regulation of water and dissolved substances in blood and tissue fluid.
    j. Consists of the kidneys, ureters and bladder.
    k. Removal of useful substances from glomerular filtrate.
    l. What solute the blood contains that are not present in the glomerular filtrate?

  14. How does an isotonic contraction take place?

  15. Sam's optometrist tells him that his intraocular pressure is high. What is this condition called and which fluid does it involve?

  16. Comment on the functions of adrenalin.

  17. What are the Nutritive values of fishes?

  18. What are Sieve tubes ? Explain.

  19. If the concentration of salt in the soil is too high and the plants may wilt even if the field is thoroughly irrigated. Explain

  20. When there is plenty of light and higher concentration of O2, what kind of pathway does the plant undergo? Analyse the reasons.

  21. How will you calculate net products of one sucrose molecule upon complete oxidation during aerobic respiration as per recent view?

  22. What is transduction? Mention the types.

  23. List out any three method of sexual reproduction in fungi.

  24. Describe the sporophyte of non-vascular cryptogam.

  25. Explain G1 phase of cell cycle.

  26. Mention any two industrial uses of enzymes

  27. Why are sparrows listed as endangered species?

  28. Name the excretory organs found in different animals (any four with examples).

  29. Give three examples of multi cellular exocrine glands based on their mode of secretion.

  30. Write down the difference between the male and female cockroaches.


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